First HIV-Positive Man Cured With Stem Cell Treatment

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if this is true and not wildly exaggerated, it’s pretty damn awesome

Well in theory it makes sense. HIV is transmitted through the blood and leukemia is cancer of the bone tissue so if you take out all the bone material that promotes the creation of new infected blood and replace it with blood producing matter [stem cell transplant] then the new blood created is essentially hiv free.

i got my hopes up when nasa announced it discovered an arsenic based life form only to have my hopes dashed when i went to dawkin’s and pz meyer’s sites.

so similarly, i will withhold any opinion until i see what the scientists have to say. media have a tendency to overhype shit.

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…AIDS isn’t the only sexually transmitted disease

If it’s true, wonder how cheap it will be lol

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Damn, that news just made my day. :amazed:

And a semi relevant video on the subject of Stem Cell Treatment for you to enjoy. =3


From the tiny medical report included with the article, it doesn’t sound like they “cured” the person of the virus(as in the virus is still inside of him) but they managed to replicate immune system cells(it said CD4 T-Cells), which allows his body to effectively fight off disease.

Unless I interpreted it wrong, that’s the story…

EDIT: Which means viruses are still incurable and no extremely huge breakthrough took place imo… well no more aids symptoms I guess…

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Do not be misled by that Will Smith atrocity. I Am Legend is NOT about zombies.

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From what I’m reading this isn’t a practical treatment at all. You have to find someone with the genetic mutation (1/1000 people) and they have to be a suitable donor for you which is very unlikely.

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