First custom stick - Sanwa JLF not working

Hey so I got into fighting games a lot in the last month or so using the Marvel Fightpad so I decided to get into fighting games more by making my own custom arcade stick. Everything was finally all finished up today but I’m having a few issues. I used a CG2 wireless 360 controller PCB but I use a PnC cable so it’s always wired anyway and I have a ground cable for all buttons going to the negative spiral thing that the AA batteries would usually use.

Every button works perfectly but the JLF’s left, right and down direction doesn’t work - only up does. I have the JLF 5 pin harness ground going to the same ground used for the main ground cable for all buttons. I tested the contacts I scraped on the D-pad on the PCB to see if that was the culprit but it works flawlessly by just touching two wires together, one on the AA- ground and one on whatever contact I’m testing (left, right and down d-pad). I’m thinking I might have to mod the JLF to have each direction with it’s own ground but I really don’t want to do that and it doesn’t make sense because I’m using a CG2 board! Also I touched a multimeter’s leads to the end of each side of the harness and they’re all working so the harness isn’t messed up in any way.

If you need any more info let me know. This website’s helped me a lot with making the joystick and It’s almost there but not quite. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

moving to tech talk

Flip the harness around. You have it plugged into the JLF upside down.

Well on the JLF the harness is with the clip downwards and it goes perfectly over a little plastic lip to make the clip fit well - that’s the wrong way??

EDIT: Looking at rtdzign’s JLF wiring guide it shows that the harness does go that way so that’s not the issue…any other ideas? I really want to get this working and I’ve tried everything I could think of

If you can’t flip it then cut the wiring and wire it in reverse.

Flip it around

But it isn’t the wrong way around?? I don’t understand as the diagram I looked at shows that I put it on the right way?

EDIT: Figured it out…I was using the ground as UP and the cable for up as ground so the Up movement was working but then the common ground JLF cable couldn’t work for the rest of the connections.