Firefox 3 Now Available!

Firefox 3 has just been released. There’s a thread in GD talking about particpating in Download Day (Mozilla is trying to set a world record for downloads in one day), but I figured we could talk about the technical stuff here. Any tweaks, issues, etc. found in the new release.

Looks like the site is getting hammered though. Could be my lame IE running here at work though.

i actually just got rid of firefox2 because it would use so much fucking memory. i think if that is fixed ill check it out. :3

Yeah, that’s one of the major fixes. I heard that FF2 would take up more memory the longer you left the window open. Thats dumb. And it would also cache full size images as you were browsing, but now you can set an expiration on your cache. Its supposed to be more stable, too. And I heard it can fix your refrigerator. That’s just a rumor though.

stickied for today :smiley:


In GD, fiveten mentioned that there’s a dedicated server on isohunt that counts toward the download world record, so you might want to try your luck there, since I can’t even get the firefox site to load.

i am on it right now, but i am not feelin this windows xp theme :frowning:
site is too slow right now to search for compatible ones.

Thanks. Lovin it.

Not a huge fan of the new address bar search feature though

Still uses quite a bit of memory, but doesn’t seem to get to leak memory as I open and close new tabs like FF2. Can’t complain I guess for a free product :tup:

Got it. :cool:

PicLens add-on is pretty dope. :confused:

Is someone gonna update the srk toolbar? So hard to live without it.

Downloaded it as soon has I got home. So far, so good. I’m glad they fixed the vBulletin page loading problems I experienced with Beta 2.

I don’t like Firefox. I prefer, and use Opera. Opera 9.5 just came out. Go download it instead of Firefox 3.

Reason why Firefox is a memory hog is because of the extensions. Most of the time, people who make these extensions don’t debug them and end up causing huge amounts of ram to be sucked dry.


I installed v3 only to find my FireFTP add-on isn’t compatible :lame:
I hope it’s updated soon.

EDIT: An update for FireFTP has just been released - YAY! :tup:

Yeah, hope some people hurry up and release some updated add-ons

Found a way to make the SRK toolbar work with firefix 3.

  1. download this plug-in then restart firefox.

  2. Go to click Tools > Addons > And an option and click on “override all compatibility” and it should work.

Any problems tell me, maybe I can help.

So, what add-ons are people running? I downloaded a few last night… some of them I probably could have done without. Tabbit (I think that’s the name), BlueOrganizer, CoolIris, PicLens…


a) How to stop “Hard Disk Activity” while using Firefox 3:

Go to the “Tools” menu > Options > Security > Unchecked both “Tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected _______” options.

b) You may noticed that scrolling CSS-type webpages can be quite slow and choppy under FF3. To remedy this issue, edit both userChrome.css and userContent.css (take out the name “example” from these files) and add in the following:

background-attachment: scroll!important;

Edit these .css files under the following path:

C:\Documents and Settings(Your name)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles#.default\chrome

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\chrome

Opera > Firefox

I’ve updated the old SRK toolbar, enjoy!
non-prem version:

prem version:

I was leaving youtube and gonna do a google in my search bar. I had to switch the search engine when at the bottom I saw a “Add youtube video search” button.

Yeah FF3 is dope.

EDIT: The little down arrow for the search engine selection supposedly glows blue when there’s a new engine option.