Firebrand unblockablesdont work?

Hi guys im new to learning firebrand i think hes the perfect addition into my growing skrull team. i do have a question about his unblockables. for his unblockable set ups i can get them to work if they block an incoming tenderizer but not if they actually get hit by the tenderizer. can players choose to get hit by tenderizer and ruin the unblockable set up or is this just poor execution on my end?

im sorry i mean the death loop or incoming mix ups to be clear.

Dont know if this relevant, but I remember once with my team (has Ammy though) that they x factored and did an advancing block somehow at the right moment and I was not able to connect for that incoming mixup

Getting hit by the tenderizer is definitely one of the more effective counters to the death loop. In addition to making the follow up significantly more difficult, it will prorate your combo, crank up hitstun decay, and prevent you from building back a full bar, and combo assists generally will not help you since firebrand uses both ground and wall bounces in his combos already. You CAN actually pick up after a tenderizer on hit with firebrand’s j. 2H, but the timing is too strict to be consistent, and whether or not you can get it to combo will also vary by character hit box.

There are two ways of making the pick up 100 percent after tenderizer, but they both require the use of resources; the first one is to X-factor cancel the demon missile on reaction to them getting hit, then super jump above them and j. d+H right after the last hit of tenderizer. You can use j. S in some cases, but using a move that forces ground bounce like j. d+H will stabilize your combo and take care of any variations in height. The other way is almost exactly the same, you just cancel the demon missile into luminous body instead. This one leaves you in the air though, so you fly diagonally up and toward the corner and pick up with j. d+H again. In both cases, you want to hit them with the dive kick after the 9th hit of tenderizer for it to be consistent.

If you choose to use your X factor to cancel the demon missile, that will often open up possibilities for hard tag combos that wouldn’t normally connect before after air bon voyage. The most well known and one of the more damaging ones is the doom hard tag. If you spend bar you get like a million damage and DHC into luminous body or tag back in for the unblockable.

I have experienced this a few times and I dont know what sorcery this is (edit: had no idea i quoted myself >_<)