Firebrand unblockable (tenderizer addition)

I know the unblockable setups have been around since early release, yet we are only now seeing players starting to use them in competitive settings. What I want to know, is how you long time firebrand players have been setting up this unblockable. Despite all my lab time, any character with air mobility still gets out easily. Is there a trick that I am missing? I have done a fair amount of research and seen that apologyman even struggles with using the unblockable against characters with air mobility. Despite my efforts of scouring the web, I still have had no success. I’m starting to think cold star is a more reliable unblockable. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have tested it and I don’t use it as my main team, but the unblockable loop isn’t as perfect as some people seem to think.

Like you’ve noticed, characters with air options can get out of it. Double jumps especially, but airdashes work too.

I’m sure that there is a perfect timing and distance you need to be every time to make it work, but it’s very specific and not something that will just run through every team as easily as it seems.

I run Armorer/Shuma(beam)/Amaterasu(beads). Granted I know the match-ups well but the three characters classes in my eyes are (No escape, Air escape, Hyper escape)

No escape is easy, Ice beads + charge swoop. Actually with most characters that lack any type of escape, unless they themselves have armored moves, rarely need an assist to confirm. Not suggested because it is not full-proof, but it saves Ammy for the 2x scoop reset.

Fly escape involves qcf(m)-srk(h)(charge)-A1. Time it to the extent that the fireball hits the moment they appear on the jump in and then the beam will kill time while the swoop is charging. It will at worst hold them in the air until the swoop and at that you just must augment your timing / combo to get full damage off of confirm (plus this start allows for the ammy reset after the second scoop.) If you miss the fireball then superjump, and scoop, if they get hit you get the scoop, if they block the scoop itself puts you in range for an air reset.

Hyper escape should be treated the same as the Air escape, I have found after a few reps of this loop in a match the opponent more often than not moves to avoid the trap by using an instant/armored hyper so you can bait and punish to your liking (hard drive, gimlet, air kamahamaha, etc etc)

hope this helps