Fingerprints on plexiglass?

So I’ve been wondering whether the plexi ontop of the artwork of various sticks, like the madcatz TE-S, is prone to fingerprints or smearing due to sweaty hands and how noticeable it can get before you have to wipe it down with a cloth. I guess if you have fancy artwork you might wipe your stick more regularly.

My madcatz original TE gets finger prints all over it.

I wipe it down with a shirt or microfiber cloth quite often. Almost daily.

I’m in the same situation as Kelter. I wipe my TE stick down with a microfiber everyday after I’m done playing w/ it. I don’t have a TE-S so idk how those are, but I think it would be the same as the standard TE.

Just like with car paint, the darker and shinier it is, the more the fingerprints will show. You will barely notice them on white unless it is in bright light.