Fingercramp dual modding services and more...... east coast ny



I Have been getting a few requests about dual modding opening my services back up.

Check out while you wait.

60 if you bring me all the PCBS etc
90 if I bring them. Includes PS3 Dual Mods

I can also paint sticks and design custome art work for them. If youy are looking for a one of a kind stick look no further.

I also do repairs: Xbox 360, nintendo DS, Playstation 3, PSP… Case replacements, Dvd-Rom repair etc.

Note: I recently stopped doing repairs on RROD and YLOD systems.

how the ps3 disc drive works hak?

How much to put quickdisconnects and sanwa buttons into T5 Hori stick?

I can vouch for Hakdizzles work. He managed to find a fix a weird problem with my dual modded TE “S”. It works perfectly.

Definitely interested, where in NY exactly?

Good to know when I need a quick fix, im in JC.

tried to send pm, inbox full.


clear up your inbox homie, lol, AGAIN…

Just wanna say that Hak also reflowed a PS3 yellow light of death and fixed a red ring of death xbox for me. He was also able to help me prevent the danger of ever scratching my 360 game discs again…

PMed you about your services

If i wanted to dual mod my 360 te what would i need to have
i have a cthctlu and an imp
what else do i need?

Swiss Cthulu imp or chimp would be fine.

I’m interested in getting my 360 TE dual modded. Also I’d like to see if you could take a look at my 360 Elite system. For some reason the disc tray doesn’t open unless I press the button really hard and sort of in a certain spot. If you could give me an estimate that would be cool. Let me know how I can get in contact with you. Oh and your inbox is full again.

cleaned it out

Got my stick dual modded from hakdizzle and its friggin perfect! I sent him a scanned in scale image of my case and he was able to dual mod it for me without me sending the case. Worked out perfect once i got the dual mod in and just wired up the buttons myself!

Thanks a ton hakdizzle!

PS: i know the dan artwork is nuts but i had to make my 3rd stick funny!

Nice stick!! Thanks Vince!

Where are you located?

Thanks Hak for the great job man. My 360 TE stick works fine on both systems. Guys if your looking for someone in NY to dual mod your stick look no further.

Thanks Zeon!!