Finger placement while play w/ 8 button HORI or Madcatz sticks

Being that you can ultra w/ the L1 or L2 buttons alone, I like to use all eight buttons on my Hori real arcade pro 3.

My question is, how do you generally place your hand on the button layout while using the eight button controllers .

Do you use a “webbed” approach where your right pointer is on l.punch, middle on m. punch, ring finger on h.punch and pinky on h. punch?

Or do you have your pointer on m. punch and your middle finger on h. punch and bounce your entire hand over to far right h.punch (to ultra) and bounce your pointer over to l. punch?

I seem to suck w/ this stick and the stick itself is amazing. Please let me know if your technique is different .


Pointer hovers over l.k/l.p middle over m.p/m.k and ring over h.p/h.k with my pinky resting in the center between h.p/h.k/L1/L2. Not the greatest way of doing it with Sanwa buttons(hair triggers) as sometimes I will accidentally tap L1/L2 in panic mode.

with a hori you cant do this comfortably but with the madcatz i guess you can just slide your pinky finger onto the button when you want to do a ultra. i would suggest seriously just hitting the buttons… super scruby to use macros.

I just three button press for Ultras…

too much of a hassle to slide my finger over to L1/L2… call me lazy but it works for me. :sweat:

I usually have my index, middle, and forth finger hovering over the punch or kick buttons and press them accordingly, sliding them up or down…

I’m a noob so take that for what it is…

I’m too use to the american arcade setup and have my hand floating over buttons and use my index for light and middle for med/heavy, i use the thumb for light/med kicks. Then sometimes i’ll throw my ring onto the ultras if i dont three button press.

All great replies, although I find when I three button press for ultras I’m not as accurate as if I L1/L2 one button press

Keep the replies, ideas, and opinions coming!

I use all three buttons for the ultas’s just because I play in an arcade also.

Ahh, I take it the arcade has only 6 buttons?

Edit, just checked out a SFIV cabinet on google, what’s up w/ the black button to the far right, it looks like a delete, but why would all the cabinets have a delete button if they were specifically designed for the game?

arcade only uses 6 buttons for sf4 …

the far right its just a holeplug … its for viewlix cabs … the top 4 are for snk games which uses 4 in a row

I only use 6 buttons. maybe I should macro the 4th buttons, but for somereason I havent.

bump for a bit more input