Finest Hairstyle Grand Battle Poll - Rom CROSS Jimmy

This is a official discussion.

After much heated discussion, the age old argument must be ended. Which one of these NorCal veterans hair is simply good and which one is the status of legends? Feel free to explain how you came to your decision and attempt to sway the opinions of others.

ahaha cant believe this thread is actually up. Rom and jimmy actually approved of this btw

Lol sicx has the best hair

Even back when I was completely new to SF4 I saw Rom one random ass day at MGL. Then, as he scraped my then-ass Guile, I couldn’t help but notice the powerful aura that afro was giving off. I knew right there that the answer lies in the heart of his afro.

yo emphy’s hair is gettin bodied here

Jimmy’s hair is well taken care of, slick, means business. From the impression of his hairdo you can feel that Jimmy could destroy you at any moment but decides against it due to lack of a fitting challenger.

However, Rom’s hair is ferocious and impossible to tame. He wear his hairstyle proud and with zero remorse. As far as this wild mane goes, Rom “Afro Brother” is truly king of the jungle.

I understand this decision is near impossible to make, but there comes a point when a person must stand by something. If there was anything to ever stand by, this is it.

Vote for Jimmy or your soul is forfeit. I’m gonna be laughing at all you fools voting for Rom once Jimmy’s straight up morphing into you all day.

i <3 fake vietnamese naps aka pro bum

shittiest thread in the universe.

Why didn’t you vote LB? Why didn’t you vote?

This man is obviously torn apart by the discussion.

YO, real talk, both of them are my boys…

but no one is on emphs lvl of hair.

no one.

iuno man, both of 'em are pretty serious. But I think woomightys consistent style of bed head deserves to be on the list.

OG White Fro backs Rom every day all day.

I’m here for the untamed beast, ROM.

I voted for Rom cuz, well… “It’s a good fro”.

I vote Rom because it’s the kinda like an all black version Golden Announcer Guy fro.

This is closer and more hype than any grand finals I’ve ever seen. Who’s going to take it?

I think both parties should campaign for their hair. Smear campaigns welcome!

lololololol winner right here

Jimmy has got some lovely locks but if you think his hair is better than Rom’s then you obviously haven’t seen Rom’s fro picked out… …or you are just blind!