Find a Next Gen Arcade stick build in Headset jack

Have song of the game+micro is the best feature of the X1 / PS4.

For tournament if your arcade stick is build in headset jack you can have your own headset with you and have song of the game.
And for home is a good feature too , no need more cable.

Sadly the first New Gen Arcade stick don’t have headset jack…

I hope next or another brand will make it…

in waiting does somebody can build a custom stick build headset jack for X1 /PS4 ?

With Seventh generation consoles (360, PS3, etc.) you could run audio lines from the rear of the console to panel-mount RCA jacks for game audio, and with a small mixer board you could mix it with voice chat (at least in the case of 360).

At present, I don’t know if any consoles support what drivers you would need for sending audio over USB. I have heard that the PS3 works with some generic USB soundcards, so you could theoretically put a USB hub inside of your stick, have both the controller and sound card plugged into that, and then run the USB out of the hub into your console. Your headset would connect to the soundcard (preferably with 3.5mm TRS panel mounts). No promises, I haven’t tested anything of the like.

I have a USB headset/mic adapter from Audio-Technica USB adapter and it works great on PS3 and PS4… not sure if it works on 360 or xb1 but I guess I could try it. I guess you could put a hub inside the stick and have this internal, and mount the 2 3.5mm jacks on the stick somewhere.

I though USB headsets dont work with Xbox 360 and One

Does the Sony Gold wireless headset provide voice capability with a next gen stick?

I’m hoping if I obtain the Sony Gold wireless, the Bluetooth will allow for voice chat while I use the TE2+
I’m thinking about the Panthera but it doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack/