Finally got it ! The trials adventure

Hello people,<br><br>Nobody cares, but I got 100% trial done today and I feel fantastic for a second.<br>The last one I did was that Fuerte 23.<br>There were a lot of hard trials I couldn’t do after the first year. For so hard I could try, they just refused to come out. The only advice I could think about is to not only try to cancel some normals with special / ultra but try to link them instead. I’m referring to Blanka and Guile for example.<br>Couldn’t find another thread about trials so I make this one to share my stupid hilarity ^.^<br>

So tell me, what are your wishes for 2011? I for myself hope that they finaly get get that Bin Laden fucker!

I can’t tell. Started this game late 2011. Who could have thought !<br>