Finally-- a name on that dark-haired Activia woman

Kristin Hensley is Hot Brunette in Activia Light commercial - Adventures of a Crazy Inflated Monkey (*If this blog is correct, of course.)

[media=youtube]lOBDS9JlxMc&feature=player_embedded[/media] Damn damn damnnnnnnnn :wow:

This is currently the absolute hottest woman on a tv commercial. She is like a hotter, more evolved form of Evangeline Lily.

My own snapshot of the best part of this commercial: Yfrog Image : Jesus H. Christ.

There is seriously no other commercial-sexpot that is even on her level…maybe that broad in the Sketchers commercial from earlier this year that they only show for about 2 seconds…she might be in her league…but that’s questionable since you only see her ass anyway. Activia Woman Kristin Hensley is the total package. Hopefully she will become more famous so we can easily keep tabs on that one.

She is hot.

You must have a hundred creepy tissue laden picture shrines in your house just sitting around collecting mold and dust huh?

Just thought I would ask since you felt that this random broad deserved her own thread.

…but her face. :wasted:

Great! Now to find out the identity of the sexpot in that Aveeno lotion commercial. You know, the one with the jau jau beans or whatever.

what about the french girl from that acura commercial.



It says her name is Karolina Wydra in the comments on the link you just posted…

What about these legs from [media=youtube]H6E_pDdk1ms"[/media] commercial? Jesus look at those calves!!! Someone must find out who she is so I can have name to go with those wonderful kneecaps!!

These have to be the most incredible pair of torsoless legs I have ever witnessed in all my years on this planet. If I was a big wig at one of those fancy marketing companies I would put these legs in every commercial that was ever made. I don’t care if it was a public service announcement on skin cancer or gingivitis, those legs are in!!!

I don’t read youtube comments unless I’m trying to get my blood pressure raised, LET’S ID THE LEGS

great, now if somebody could tell me who the chick in the knicks jersey from the trade it all video is…seriously Ive been searching for her for years

She is hot but she is on a laxative commerical. That’s one step up from herpes ads.

The one with the dark shoulder length hair and really light blue eyes? Yeah, she’s fucking hot. More on that, please.

hot but thread worthy?? :wonder:


Brook Power was a commercial girl that really caught my attention. She is fucking gorgeous and she seems cool as fuck.


eh, I think the author of that blog may have jumped to conclusions. A “Kristin Hensley” did record Activia commercials with Jaime Lee Curtis, but the pictures I saw on the other site didn’t look that much like the impossibly gorgeous girl in the commercial…there is a similarity though. Kristin needs to get more famous for sure if that is indeed her.

I remember around the early to mid 90s there was a very cute “commercial sexpot” from the AT&T commercial at the time. She actually did go on to be famous with a regular part on Party of 5—> Tamara Taylor - Google Search Tamara Taylor. She also appeared on other shows…so occasionally it does happen where a previous no-name random from a commercial suddenly becomes much more famous. Hopefully Kristin will turn out the same way. The Gorgeous One?" Kristin is truly outstanding.

oh and yeah…those Aveeno commercials usually have some hot ones too. I can’t recall any other commercial-random broad being on the same level with Activia’s Gorgeous One? though.

She’s also on Bones.

Million my friend,you sure know how to pick them.Kristin is the TOTAL package


'this broad is so fine

Good find there Million…

i think her name is jamie lee curtis