Final ST remix changelist posted

I read through the whole thing. I can’t wait to play this!

Sounds like Vega really got the shaft compared to the rest of the cast though. Fake wall dive sounds pretty useful, but more recovery and no knockdown on wall dives is crazy.

I like all of the command changes. Seems like it will make the game a lot more accessible.

Ken seems like he got the most buffing. He was already a monster in the right hands, but I think it should be alright.

I think Balrog should have a safe head-butt, so it seems a little weird that its getting taken away.

It will be interesting to see who is strong and who isn’t.
I’m thinking of playing Chun Li and Blanka… I’ll continue to play Dic who I think will be a fun but not top tier character.
My main tournament characters Boxer and Claw got nerfed so the field will be wide open to see who to play now for tournament mode. Perhaps Chun/Blanka?

I’m going to be very, very scared of Ken.

I shall preface this post by saying fuck Honda.

Gief goodness:
“Punch lariat’s initial hitframe now extends down to the floor so it can hit Dhalsim’s low fierce or sometimes Guile’s low forward. As before, this hitbox is only active for 6 frames out of the entire lariat.”


“Low fierce has slightly higher hit box, mainly to hit Vega’s off-the-wall attacks”

Fuck all that Claw bullshit. I want to rape him now.

Sim, T Hawk, and Bison are very interesting to me now. I just hope they figured out all possible juggle combinations that could make for some seriously damaging setups.

These changes while helpful for new players don’t seem that great for veterans.

Like Fei-long wtf who cares if you changed flying kick if you can’t do flying kick lock-down anymore. That is what made him good against Chun-Li.

Wall attack not knocking down is dumbbbbbb. I realize its a strong tactic to do repeated airdives, but people can learn to block it right, its not like its the most amazing of tactics, its just a good way to kill people especially ones that haven’t played against it alot.

Sorry few more, Cannon spike not being safe on block usually is not cool either, I mean of course they made other things safer, but its was totally one of her best features! Also safe dive from hawk is silly as well, as is of course throw whiff. Ugh ugh ugh.

bah I am not a fan of listed changes. They seem pretty random.

Also cammy looks dumb.

good shit for Dee Jay, but fuck everything else.

While I don’t really care for the changes, I do love the look of the game. I just hope it comes out man. I just wanna play a nicer looking ST, with the old school music. I’ll play Chun/Sagat like I do in nearly every game, but if I even notice that they’re messing up my SFIV Chun/Sagat, I’ll stop playing, or play like Ryu or something hahah.

This game needs to hurry up and come out. Is there a final release date yet? I mean what if it ends up getting released with SFIV or even like a month or 2 before. It’s just gonna get overshadowed and be forgotton.

Gief sounds so buff, this is gonna be great.

I find it curious that the changelist didn’t mention if damage was reduced on Chun’s Strong throw…

Naturally. Watch ARG play. >_>