FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 Atlanta,Ga. "The 15th Anniversary"

MARCH 2-4, 2012

Yes I know FR14 was only 2 weeks ago, but we are proud to announce that FINAL ROUND XV will be on March 2-4, 2012. The hype doesn’t stop and we had to start extra early on planning for FR15. As of right now the Major game roster for FRXV are as followed:

  1. SSF4 AE v.2012
  2. UMvC3
  3. T6
  4. MK9
  5. BBCS2
  6. Street Fighter III 3rd strike online edition
  7. Melty Blood AACC (PC only)
  8. KOF 13
  9. ???
    The systems used will be PS3 for the time being. This may change if I get sponsorship from another source. Other games will be added to the list, but those are the core games that will be played at FR15 up to this moment. We have A LOT IN STORE for people that plan to attend FR15 that we will be hinting towards throughout the year. Being the 15th anny of FR we have to do it BIG this year event and that is one reason we are changing venues for FR15.

As always we aim to bring you the best tournament you’ve ever competed in each and every year and FR15 will try to top this years event! We are upgrading the venue from this past year event and we hope everyone will enjoy our new venue. The “WESTIN” is the new home of FR15 and here’s the location:

The “WESTIN” Atlanta Perimeter North

7 Concourse Parkway
United States

With the 15th aniversary of Final Round we felt that we had to upgrade on the venue and we heard the complaints about having to pay for parking. This year there will be NO PARKING FEE’S!!! That goes for players that get a room at the hotel or for those that want to spectate. The Room rates will be $93.00 per night (Normally $165) if you reserve under the Final Round 15 group rate.

I CAN’T WAIT for this event to happen! If you think your serious about Fighting games and you always wanted to come to Final Round, but never had the chance to attend then don’t MISS the 15th aniversary of FINAL ROUND! It’s confirmed “Team SPOOKY” will be doing the stream for the 15th anny so you know the quality of the stream will be unmatched!

More info coming soon shawty…

Early bird registration for the HYPEST Fighting Game tournament on planet earth is here

Don’t miss out on the 15th anniversary of Fighting Game Community “SOUTHERN TRADITION” and longest running east coast tournament called FINAL ROUND! With only 5 months until the mayhem starts make sure you plan early to attend this years event! March will be here before you know it people. Get HYPE!!! Teaser trailer is coming soon!

Also follow us on twitter at!/ATLfinalround to get updates and giveaways for FR15.

Haha oh snap! Already announced? Great planning skills Shinblanka!

Thank you sir I STAY ON THE GRID!!! We might have chun li and nia popping out of a cake at FR15!

North Atlanta venue right down the road from Perimeter Mall? GODLIKE!


Is this off Hammond Drive? If so, that shit is EPIC. It’s only 10 minutes away from my house. (:

Also, I already PM’ed you about a trailer. I might work on one for the hell of it and just post it here pretty soon so people know what Final Round is all about. I enjoyed the Final Round XVI. I hated the parking fee. I ended up spending 14 dollars on my first night. Realizing that you only had to pay 3 dollars. But, those 3 dollars can be use for drinks/food vs parking’s fee. But, I didn’t pay for Saturday and Sunday.

Good Selection if this is off by Hammond Drive.

I will be showing up for the 15 Anniversary.

It’s your own fault if you paid 14 dollars for the fee, when it was plastered all over the topic that it would be $3 per night.

I didn’t mind the parking fee at all and I loved the Hilton. Goddamn you, poor people.
R.I.P. Landmark Diner and Baller’s Suite
:sad: :sad: :sad:
At the very least I won’t have to sit around in Downtown Atlanta traffic though…

Still Final Round XV is going to be too hype and fun no matter where it is. Hopefully SNKP will get their asses together so we can get KOF13 ready for FR this time.

Thats impressive.

Not missing this for the world. Been missing FR since 12 I can’t do it again! >:F

Posting now so in 12 months when the event happens I can look back and say, Hey I remember first posting on this thread over a year ago, we’re finally here lol.

Looking forward to your 15th Larry, Without you, there wouldn’t of been a drive for CEO.

Let they hype commence!!

The ?Westin? Atlanta Perimeter North is only 1 mile away from Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. You will be only minutes away from, The Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano?s Little Italy, Goldfish, Seasons 52, Wildfire and so much more. Access to the hotel is easy because there ar…e two Marta Stations that are within 2 miles of the hotel and the hotel Shuttle will pick you up. Also there’s a publix shopping center like 2-3 blocks down that has mad food joints to eat at in walking distance.

NP yo. Yea 11 months of hype! I hope I didn’t make this thread too soon?!?!?! W/E we in there shawty!

I’ll be there to regale the world with tales of Mortal Kombat.

I’m definitely (like actually try this time, lol) going to try to make it to FRXV, after making so many FR avs for XII and XIII. Oh, and yes, once I get the first FRXV avs out, I will be taking requests again. :tup:

Same as this year, I will show no mercy on brackets son…

The hype has begun anew…

also Cheesecake factory and wildfire should be good…

$93 per night? start saving those pennies people:nono:

I wonder if this one will have a baller’s suite, DAT ROBE!!!:rock:

I’ll be hosting a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament on the side at Final Round XV. I hope you don’t mind Larry and there will be a 100 dollars prize for it on top of it. So, fee will be 5 dollars to enter. If we get at least 30. Then, First will be 70% 20% and 10% and + 100 dollars for first place.

Console: PS3 since there is an issue with Sticks for Dreamcast Players.

If this is forbidden. Please tell me and I’ll edit this.

Came to FRXIV on saturday, was my 1st major and it was just crazy to see that many people even though I didn’t compete. I’m definitely gonna be there the whole weekend this time.

Shit is gonna be too fun

Well once again, I’m there if I’ll still be in the states, which I will probably will be, but even if I’m not, I always make it to this so I’m coming no matter what. Kenin, me & you are going to make sure 3s happens this year, believe that.


Dreamcast or PS3?

I have the arcade cab and board for 3s. It could have happen this year if someone wanted to run it. No real 3S tournament would be on the ps2 or dreamcast when an arcade version is avalible.

Yeah, it would be on cab more than likely & Dreamcast is not even a thought for that game.