Final Round XIII *OFFICIAL* Shout-outs Thread!

Usually Larry makes these threads but that man has been hard at work all weekend so I took the liberty of jumping the gun this time around.

As a spectator I must say this is once again one of the best events i’ve been to in a long time. Final Round tops itself every year by bringing in more hype up another level. Larry, Scott, Iceman, Magnicious, THE ENTIRE FINAL ROUND STAFF: you guys are top notch! Exellent job as usual, and thank you guys for allowing me to volunteer my services. It’s always a pleasure.

now, with that out the way:

Shouts to the usual:
East Point Crew, Impact players, EMS and the DFP Representatives! - Proud to still be a member, thanks for keeping me around… LETS SEE SOME VF IN THIS BITCH!

My newcomer friends:
Rico Suave, Truehood, Dave Cardell - NOW YOU KNOW WHAT HYPE IS MY NIG!!!

The fam i see all around the world:
JustinW, Marn, Noel (dont lose no more flowchart money matches!),** Markman & Philthy Rich**: Always a pleasure: u guys are bosses - See u guys real soon

PPL this time around i just met:
Evil Rashaan, Eric V, Princessa, Clint, Ski Sonic - If y’all forgot, I’m the dude with the shirt on his head! I’m like the waffle house in Atlanta, you’ll see me on every corner. keep a look-out!

Those Koreans:
Nin & Knee - Rumor has it they got a chance to go to blue flame… is that true? either way i hope u enjoyed yourselves :slight_smile:

and to all i forgot: it was good seeing you! Let’s get together again for next year!!


And everyone I saw @ FRX13 it was too much HYPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

tired as hell will give more shout outs laterzz

-Eric V

^ eric v. = good shizz on 1st time commentating.

Shout out to the Stream Monsters. You guys were great!

Good Job Wong did what you had to do to win Im very happy for you…For you ive held my own on this coast as you have instructed me to do im sure ur proud in some way.

504 Boys were GDLK
*Vegita-x: good games (as always) and grats on top 8
*SLickRick: good games, grats on your success at the tourney
*Magneto-x: good games: grats on your success at the tourney.

*Rahsann: nice playing you again. You have shown me that shit talk is an art form, and that I need to take my “lameness” to the next level if I ever wanna become a top player.

Seriously, you guys continue to take your game to the next level and when I play you guys, I can feel myself becoming a better, smarter player. I can only hope that with time and training, i can become one of the players that stands next to you to represent the dirty south. Thanks for letting me room with yall and take care til Evo guys!

JJJ: Yo you have the sickest Blanka I have ever played. I thought we had an epic set, and I hope to play you again in the future.
Jan: Grats on top 8 boss. Houston too good. Sucks I didnt get to play you or Josh but I will catch yall next time.
VVV Scrub: THank you for bodying me live and exposing the weakness of my game. I am going to become a throw tech god because you beat my ass so badly. I am really glad I got to play you.
Kajoq: get ready for Vamp sav at evo son!
BranH: awesome meeting one of the other guile players who actually knows what they are saying/doing. pleasure meeting you and we will DEF get that mirror match next time.

FR XIII overall was pretty ballin

wOOt! finally got back home… sooo tired… playing sf4 overnight 2 nights straight is not good for my health but fun nontheless…lol anyway, FRXIII was HYYYPE!!!~ and here are my shoutouts:

new homies I met during the trip:
rico suave, vVv scrub, guile dude I forgot his name, rufus and gouken dudes I played in our room, and… everyone else who told me that I was GDLK…:rofl:

vVv scrub: man… you are my WORST NIGHTMARE!!! and I played you 1st round…lol but I kinda felt good when you told me that I am GDLK…:china: congratz on placing 2nd. you WILL win next time! :wink:

rico: gg’s my dude. can’t believe we played until 7am on the day of the singles…lol your abel is GDLK and your bison is awesome jewsome too…:tup: congratz on placing top 8 and I will cya @ evo~

vegita-x: awesome gief and gg’s.

guile dude: you got me there with the dash in ultra…lol but I returned the favor a round later…:badboy: I bet you looove my electricity trap…:bgrin: gg’s my dude.

dudes who beat me in the team tourney: I want a REMATCH!!!.. :lol:

jeff (kurasa): gs for getting 3rd in tvc. I am proud dat we are from the same town…:razzy:

and finally, GS to team STL (the name shoulda been team sand azn brodaz…LOL)

maybe more later~

seeing Nin and Nii play Tekken was very enlightning. Execution-wise, they are quite a bit above the US, but the ATL boys, for the most part, more than held their own against them. Nin, the Steve player, was very entertaining as a person as well, and really played to the crowd and got into the hype. Too good. as far as I’m concerned, they are more than welcome to come back to one of our tournies, and I hope that they do.

shout out to ben fong , grand calc, skisonic,and vVv scrub.

skisonic : i was straight hyped to get to play you in the bracket man ( even if you did send me to losers playing sagat lol) the fuerte knowledge you gave us up at room 404 was one of my biggest highlights of the night since i never get to play that match up.

ben fong : glad i got to play you in 404 man. shit was good, next final round i’d like to play you more, but next time you better not let me hit you with that full grounded kara-ultra anymore =P (shit was gross and you did not deserve to have that happen to you) also good shit getting those pretty loops on me (even if they do horrible damage).

grand calc: getting casuals with you was the highlight of my first major. you had me for free for those first 10 matches or so, but after you threw me some of that knowledge it really helped my game in the rog mirror match and i was able to start holding my own. hope to see you here next year.

vVvscrub : thanks for letting me get in that hyped 50 cent money match =) next time we will get a real one in and i will try make you have to work for that money this time since i was pretty free from having to play on the floor. good shit in the tourney i figured you would beat flash metroid after how you had me lmao at those matches you got with him in our room, tough shit against wong though.

shout out to my boys sinestro and remy for going 2-2 and 3-2 in yalls first major im proud of you guys.

GS to everybody in top 8. your matches were a blast to watch and i hope to play all of you gents next final round.

and lastly shout out to shinblanka and all of ATL. you all made this a really enjoyable experiance and i could imagine a better first major.

Shout out to shinblanka, mr popular, everyone on FR staff… all of ya’ll! It was good times. Thanks for putting together such a great event.

My first time going to a Final Round event, and I’m going to be at each and every one from here on out!

Nice seeing all the homies and meeting new faces.

I’m at work but I need to sleeeepp pzz


btw I was the dude walkin around givin manz my sticks; no homo

Shout outs to Shinobi, Choco, Lord Knight, and Doren2k for all the Melty Hype and lettin us play in the room till like late as fuck. Also shout out to Ky-sama, Sol Bumguy, Heidern98, and Pimp Juice for lettin me play some GG with people when we all should’ve probably gone to sleep. And more importantly, Shout out to Shin Blanka and all the FR staff b/c w/o them, this hype ass shit wouldn’t be possible.

Eric M aka Alvien aka Larcenist89 here!

First I want to give a shout out to my room, 237; Dave Cardell, Rico, Truehood, Gammon, ChinNuts, and ShinkuuR! MY BLOW GUYS! Next time I’ll skip the hennessy LOL

ATL: You guys always make shit interesting. Hope to see you all again soon at East Point/Revival

Whoever recorded the ExcitedBeast vs Noel Brown money match: I WANT THAT SHIT! FROM ALL ANGLES! Post it on youtube ASAP

Everyone I talked to: Good convo’s all around. All sorts of interesting mofo’s out there in this scene!

Everyone I played: GG’s, Learned a lot.

The entire FR STAFF: You made me buy a T-Shirt D; lol

Next years FR is a must!

You were dressed like you were about to put some females to work on the streets!

Shoutouts to my vocal cords: for not completely bailing on me when I needed em. You guys are the shit!

I’m going to post all my shoutouts, etc, in a minute, but were you the dude hyping A2, Melty, and SF4 finals? The dude yelling “FUCK 'EM UP!”?

hav shout outs for being a man of your word? $_$

i was a stream monster for a bit this weekend. shoutouts to nc for proving marn to be corect. you guys suck.

ninja edit: shoutout to the inerd stream monster. it was good to not be able to see what you said. :slight_smile: :tup:

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah man.

You’re gdlk

I told you to PM your PayPal in the chat. I got you.