Final Round X

If you want the results of FRX go to for up to the minute updates.:wgrin:

Soul Calibur 3:

1st: Thugish Pond (Chicago)
2nd: Krayzie CD (California)
3rd: Jason L (Atlanta)
4th: Mick (Tennessee)
5th: Kid Disaster (New Jersey)


1st: Alex Roski ?Cajun Strike? (NC)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Lucious Clayton ?SieClayton?(NC)
4th: Phillip Haith ?P-Soul?(NC)
5th: Tie Eric Williams ?Earwig? & Bryan Braxton (ATL&MD)

GGXX Slash:

1st: George Fed ?Juciy G? (Chicago)
2nd: Mike Boczar ?Elvenshadow? (Chicago)
3rd: John Prucha ?Black Snake? (Chicago)
4th: Joey McFarland ?Ultimate Faust? (Oklahoma)
5th: Tie Peter Susini ?Flash Metroid? (Florida) & Andrew Furgeson (NYC)

3rd Strike:

1st: Justin Wong (NYC)
2nd: Eric Kim ?Ramza? (Virginia)
3rd: Peter Rosos ?Combofiend? (California)
4th: Arturo Sanchez ?Sabin? (NYC)


1st: Sanford (NYC/Philly)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Brandon De shields ?Demon Hyo?


1st: Lucious Clayton ?SieClayton?(NC)
2nd: Alex Roski ?Cajun Strike? (NC)
3rd: Phillip Haith ?P-Soul?(NC)

Tekken 5: DR

1st: Justin Wong (NYC)
2nd: Luu Hoa Wong ?Anakin? (Atlanta)
3rd: Dwayne Lane (VA)


1st: Nicholas Inabnit ?NKI? (St. Louis)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Phil Burnell ?DXP?

CVS 2:

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Steve Harrison
3rd: Evil Elvis

damn Peter didn’t even top in GG - hopefully him and zerog will rep 3S at least

So far not so good for my ATL peeps. T_T

3S update from MD/VA

Exodus goes to losers early b/c he wanted to use dudley.

3 MD/VA players make top 8 winners: PVFP, Eric Lee, Eric Kim.

Eric Lee loses to Justin.

Eric Kim beats Justin 2-0 to move on to winner Final.

MD/VA baby! Come get this money!

oh yeah, and it was flash vs combofiend for the right to play Eric Kim.

Wow Slash results are practically the same as MWC lol

justin you suck you didn’t win xi. i guess i’ll start playing again so i can kick your ass

top 4 3s:

eric kim + combofiend in winners

arturo sanchez + justin wong in losers

exodus and flashg got 5th

eric lee and ali from nc got 7th

godly god, steve harrison, zerog, and deviljin got 9th.

and those results are?

Only got to play Arcana for 30 minutes today. :sad: Even tho I’m going to lose to Justin tomorrow, at least I got a Evo World spot in 3s :looney:

boo, i wish i was there. congrats to the winners so far. hope you guys are having fun and i know shinblanka is holding shit down. gl all. and umthfkr, how is your sig even serious? best poker player on srk??? i beg to differ…

Holy Shit! Go Eric K and the the rest of MD/VA. I also heard combofiend was using Oro. Go fucking Oro. Wish I could have been there guys, good shit.

Good shit!:tup: i knew team VA/MD was gonna rape!Kimmicks raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!!! SHit mod don’t be suprise. U know that this area doesn’t suck in SF3 anymore

Arturo made top 4 in 3S? Wow… you’ve really stepped your game up since we saw you at T7.

Chicago is the business in Slash. GEEEEEEZ!

DAMN those XI results are beastly

Copypasted from the radio website, in case anyone forgot to check there:

Soul Calibur 3:

1st:Thugish Pond (Chicago)
2nd: Krayzie CD (California)
3rd: Jason L (Atlanta)
4th: Mick (Tennessee)
5th: Kid Disaster (New Jersey)


1st: Alex Roski Cajun Strike (NC)
2nd: Justin Wong (NYC)
3rd: Lucious Clayton SieClayton(NC)
4th: Phillip Haith P-Soul(NC)
5th: Tie Eric Williams Earwig & Bryan Braxton (ATL&MD)

GGXX Slash:

1st:George Fed Juicy G (Chicago)
2nd:Mike Boczar Elvenshadow (Chcago)
3rd: John Brucha Black Snake (Chicago)
4th: Joey McFarland Ultimate Faust (Oklahoma)
5th:Tie Peter Susini Flash Metroid (Florida) & Andrew Furgeson (NYC)

cvs2/marvel results anyone???


DAAAAAMN!!! A nigga is missin OUT!!! wish i was out there with you peeps. Some shit is goin down like nuthin else. Good Shit to all the peeps that are BEASTING!

I better see some Pimp Cups comin back to cali Peter!!!


Great job to the placers in Slash! George, Mike, Blacksnake…(the big juicy black dude), congrats!! Bucket of chicken for you 3.