Yo…bump what you heaard the trailer is real and the DVD is on the horizon…check it out here There has been some reposrts that the video isn’t working too well with Firefox so be warned.

Good shit. Good to see that KOFXI footage there!!!

I’m trying to remember what match that was though…lol.

Yeah drama indeed…Judgment!!! :annoy:

Wassup Geese? Yeah apparently there was rumor going around about no video…well with some good tape handling and some awesome heads working together on this project…we are coming out with a hot one.

wassup with the CvS2 match:rofl:

shit dont work for me

Are you using Firefox? We’ve had a problem with that…but works fine in IE

Hmmmm not too hype but I’ll cop. :tup:

I believe that was nothingxs versus Shin Terry but I’m not even 50% sure.

Whoever it was, I think I remember having to explain to the guy who used Malin that he actually won. I think he actually got up and unplugged his stick like he had lost but I had to stop him and explain to him how he actually won the judgement.

so intense it made my toes curl :confused:

Get this shit. And I got an honerable mention. Pre-Orders?

That CvS2 action was so intense I broke out in a sweat!

As of right now no. Check back at to get more info on it in the up coming week or two.

Can you get up a Downloadable link or tell me how to fix that “cannot create direct show” crap?

Those of us there know who was playing in that CvS2 match but don’t spoil it.

Y’all need to get the DVD to find out!

I will speak to our tech guy and as soon as he gives me the info i’ll post it for you or check for a hot fix this week

EDIT: It’s not him. He doesn’t use Kula.

I know I had a very similar thing with kenmastersx because he caught me with Ozwald LDM and time ran out with judgement on my side while the super was still going. Shit was HOT. You might have been the one who told me that I won after that because I thought I had lost. :china:

CVS2 Finals: “Shit’s like watching grass grow!” :rofl:

I didn’t play Kula that tournament.

Yo Franco, see if whoever can put up a link directly to it to download it - there’s been a lot of problems with Windows Media Player not working w/ certain browsers/OS’s lately.

Well i’m off to work and i’ll get DBD on it…look for it to be fixed very soon:smokin:

It works when I view the trailer.

P.S.-We called the cvs2 the campers for a reason. :lol: They decided to camp out. Got to love cvs2. :lol: Just a inside joke. We’ll see what we can do to correct the problem some people are having viewing the trailer.