Final Round 16 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Results & Shoutouts

Final Round 16 was a success and had alot of fun! I would like to say thank you to Shin Blanka for opening the doors to the mvc2 community and for giving us our own room. This was a great start and look forward to seeing more tournaments happen in the future for mvc2 at final round and everywhere else. Now to the shoutouts!

A big shoutout goes to everyone I met and that attended Final Round whether it was for casuals/money matches or tournaments. Good shit to Alejandro Martinez for recording/streaming the entire event. It was great seeing the online generation and the og generation in the same building. Congratulations to all the champions that made Top 3 and the contenders that entered the tournament. Glad everyone liked the medals/chain/trophy. Was some solid competition and look forward to seeing more next year!

Special shoutout to Brokentier for sponsoring the 200$ pot bonus. Me and koogy had a nice talk about some future events so stay tuned for updates on that!

Exhibition Match Card: All of the matches that were booked happened so I salute every person who came thru and stuck to there word to make this card happen. Titus Pippens and Juan Tolbert was a great main event and look forward to seeing that runback at Evo. Abraham Sotelo and Joshua Aponte was off the chain and most def sealed the deal to end out Final Round the right way. I want to see that Alex Chunksta De Sousa vs J360 runback at Evo as well cause that was a dope set. The surprise exhibition match goes to Champ Vs Vidness. I had no idea this match was going to happen but Vidness I must say you had me going bonkers there for a min when you started to play with your food. I had confidence in you and you pulled it off so good shit. I would like to see a Runback at Evo as well Champ Vs Vidness and im down to sidebet on Vidness again if Champ wants the business :slight_smile:

Tournament Organizers: I would like to suggest the idea I had for your future tournaments which is to run Mvc2 on all consoles from here on out. When I thought about this idea the goal was to bring 2 generations together OG and Online. Not only does it provide more players plus more money to the pot but it also provides 3 pots to win so I highly suggest doing this to keep this game alive and well with new players. Hope this idea helps future tournaments around the world from here on out!

Final Round 16 Mvc2 Top 8 Results!

(Dreamcast) (20 Entrants)

1st: Sanford Kelly
2nd: Chunksta
3rd: Desmond
5th: GoldenBoy Neo
6th: Justin Wong (forfeited)
7th: Vidness
8th: New Approach

(Playstation 3) (13 Entrants)

1st: Chunksta
2nd: GoldenBoy Neo
3rd: VDO
4th: Krazzy
5th: Pablo
6th: Vidness
8th: New Approach

(Xbox 360) (14 Entrants)

1st: GoldenBoy Neo
2nd: Chunksta
3rd: J360
4th: Sanford Kelly
5th: Justin Wong (forfeited)
6th: VDO
7th: Desmond
8th: Pablo

(Final Round 16 Champions)

I just wanna say Josh360 stole my heart over that weekend <3

Would you ladies happen to have any footage from the event?

I’ll be uploading on my YouTube Page.

Working on Josh vs Chunsta, Vidness vs FChamp

Looking forward to Evo and seeing whats going to happen!