Final Round 15 Midwest Qualifier 6/4/2011 Kansas City MVC3, SSF4, T6, MK9, CS2 &MOAR!

Our first Midwest Qualifier for Final Round 15 has been announced! 6/4/2011, Lenexa, KS (@Collector’s Cache). Top placers will get FREE badges to Final Round 15 and FREE entry into the second Midwest Qualifier event TBA later this year.

More info: - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast!

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lol aww… i guess the tournout for Blazblue wasn’t as awesome as FR would’ve wanted

Theres a good chance I’ll be there again. Coming for first this time… Top 8 isnt good enough.

It wasn’t that, really - we were actually quite surprised at the turnout. I’m just trying to keep the game count low - there isn’t anything saying we can’t do BlazBlue if there is enough interest… :slight_smile:

Excellent!!! This time I’ll keep the “r” out ;p

OH there better be enough interest for Blazblue, i will cut some children if there isn’t

LOL you coming back to defend your title if we do?

lol if anything that would be the reason someone would give me a ride lol

Do you play anything else? Like Marvel? I don’t want to ostracize anyone, but I just don’t think we’ll get the numbers for BB really. I might do it as a side event?

lol I do play Marvel, but that’s really it. Except maybe Soul Calibur 4, but that’s deader than dead can be.

Well, so far I haven’t had much interest for BB, so I think it will probably be passed over this time unless we have enough people at the event itself asking for it. But you should come for Marvel. And MK9, the greatest game that will ever be made in the history of video games. That is all.

lol MK9 is shaping up to be just that

Heh, the demo is already the best demo ever :wink:

Update on setups: As always, we offer perks if you want to bring a setup (Console, TV/Monitor w/ NO LAG, Game) - this time around, your $10 venue fee will be waived (we will also waive your venue fee if you want to administer a bracket). Please check the discussion thread @ - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast! to reserve your spot!

Will this be the last Super pre-AE tournament in the area??? COULD IT BE???

Bump for great justice.

If any of you play Magic, there is going to be a small Grand Prix qualifier that day at the event location as well. We’ll work with you if you want to play in both :wink:


We at Final Round, LLC have been discussing Mortal Kombat 9 tournament rules, and we would like your opinions!

Remember that if you have been to Final Round in the last 2 years, you automatically have a forum account! Please let us know what you think - thanks!

Bump for great justice - no one has claimed setup spots yet, don’t hesitate!