Final Results for evo?

Are they up anywhere on this site for forum? Yanno, like the regular
1st: soso
2nd: soso
3rd: soso
4th: soso
tied for 5th:soso
tied for 5th: soso
tied for 7th…etc

Just in case they’re not, Top 3 is easy

1st: Daigo Umehara
2nd: Justin Wong
3rd: Ed Ma

1st: afrolegends
2nd: John Choi
3rd: damdai

1st: Sanford Kelly
2nd: Justin Wong
3rd: IFCYipes

well I was looking for top 64. So we can see how far diago got in HDR, whether wong even entered HDR or just the 3 games (3s, MvC2, and SF4) etc…

Who won GGAC, 3S, TBR, and SCIV?

latiff won GG, Marn got 2nd
3s wong and issei
TBR… I forgot, all I remember is that the sheep stage is hype lol
SCIV was a french player for first, 2nd was a cassandra KBV or something.

This is what I remember:

Street Fighter IV:

  1. Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
  2. Justin Wong (Rufus, Abel, Boxer)
  3. Ed Ma (Akuma)
  4. Sanford Kelly (Cammy, Akuma)
  5. Eduardo Perez (Boxer, E. Honda)
  6. ShadyK (Ryu, Akuma)
  7. Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  8. Dan (Ryu)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix:

  1. Afro Legends (Dee Jay, Boxer)
  2. John Choi (Ryu)
  3. Damdai (Ken, Zangief)
  4. Graham Wolfe (Boxer)
  5. David Sirlin (Fei-Long, Cammy)
  6. Thelo (E. Honda)
  7. Alex Valle (Ryu)
  8. Sin (Ryu)

I’ll try to help.

3rd Strike:

  1. Justin Wong/Issei (Chun-Li/Yun)
  2. Jimmy Tran/Emphy (Yang/Urien)
  3. Valle/J.R. Rodriguez (Ken/Akuma)
  4. Amir/Thomas (Chun-Li/Ibuki)

Soul Calibur IV:

  1. Malek (Ivy)
  2. KBV (Cassandra)
  3. A Hilde…
    I know I saw a Voldo and Asteroth, but I don’t know the names nor placing


  1. Daigo (Ryu)
  2. Justin Wong (Rufus main, BUT Abel and Boxer against Daigo)
  3. Ed Ma (Akuma)
  4. Sanford (Akuma all the way, except on 5v5 exhibition and against Dan)
  5. Eduardo (Boxer, switched to E.Honda against Ed Ma for some reason…)
  6. ShadyK (Akuma)
  7. Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  8. Dan from Japan (Ryu)


  1. AfroLegends (Deejay, Boxer)
  2. John Cho (inside joke hah) (Ryu)
  3. Damdai (Ken, Zangief)
  4. Graham Wolfe (Boxer)
  5. David Sirlin (Fei Long, Cammy, pretty sure he used alll sorts of characters to get to top 8 though)
  6. Thelo (E.Honda)
  7. Alex Valle (Dictator)
  8. SIN (Ryu)


  1. Justin Wong (Storm, Sentinel, Cyclops on finals)
  2. Sanford (Team Santhrax, Team Scrub against Justin, epic victory)
  3. Yipes (forgot)
  4. Bill W (forgot)
  5. MadBooFace (forgot)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core:

  1. Latif (Eddie)
  2. Marn (Eddie, Jam)
  3. I don’t know (May)

Tekken 6:

  1. The sheeps

I forgot, Noel OCV though

BlazBlue was Rob (Heartnana)

Was there even any brawl there this year? I could have sworn I read an announcement about some other site hosting the tournament, but there wasn’t a single mention of the game throughout the weekend lol

Sanford beat Justin in MVC2

Also Its KDZ on KBV on SC4

Tekken 6 BR

  1. RIP (Law)
  2. ChettyChet (Paul)
  3. Mr Naps (Bryan) and Suiken (Lei)

*This game was single elimination so Naps and Suiken tied for 3rd I guess.


  1. Malek (Ivy)
  2. KDZ (Cass/Asty)
  3. Thuggish Pond (Amy. Used Hilde once and got raped :p)
  4. Ceirnian (Hilde)

BlazBlue full results -

Anybody knows results for SF4/HDR 5-on-5 and TvC invitational?

SF4 5v5: East Coast team
HDR 5v5: Did it even happen?
TvC invitationa: was cancelled weeks before evo.

Brackets for SC4 finals are here:

Will brackets for the rest of the pools ever be updated?

Daigo got peaced out mad early in HDR. Dude didn’t know about character changes in the game and apparently fell for some basic stuff. I didn’t see the match though. He picked Guile and lost early on, then Graham Wolfe peaced him out of losers.

it more like

  1. Sheeps
  2. Mr Naps and Suiken

The sheep stage can not be selected and its only available on random stage select, but there is a timing involve where you can time it and try to select it.

Yes. Became a 3v3.

  1. damdai (ken), nohoho (blanka), techmonkey (chun)
  2. sirlin (fei), antonio (blanka), kuni (gief)

Don’t remember the rest.

What about the Street Fighter 4 5 on 5?

For the HDR 5v5 which became a 3v3 we had:

Also for the earlier post, “5th” and “6th” are actually both tied at 5th, since they have the same W/L record, and same for 7th vs 8th.