"Final" Chicago Biweekly results on 10/16

cvs2(9 players)

1st: Ari "Floe"weintraub:A-blanka/sak/hibiki
2nd:Douglas Ward-R4 sagat
3rd:George "Juicy G’Fed: K-ryu/cammy/gat

ari wins easily.George plays one match, loses winner final then forfeits.ari beats up pimpburger 2-0 for the W.

3s(16 players)

1st: Tony “JohnnyCakes” Defily:Necro
2nd:Juicy G-Yun

Floe plays ken whole tourney and loses to DEFLY in winner final.George beats ari in loser final 3-2 then DEFLY beats George in final 3-4,4-2.

mvc2 (12 players)

1st: Juicy G-msp
2nd: Floe-msp
3rd: Dereklearnslow-Mss/santhrax

Douglas upset’s derek 2-0 in winners and Ari beats tony K in winners. George beats ari in winner final 3-0.Ari finally gets over his dreadlocked hump derek in loser final 3-1.George then beats ari in final 2-4,4-1.

ggxx Reload (23 players :wow: )

1st: Juicy G- Sol/slayer
2nd: Floe-Eddie
3rd: Elven Shadow-Faust/Testament

huge turnout(Big ups to the new players)Came out.Ari beats Bozac in winners. Ari then beats George in winner final 3-1. George then beats Bozac 3-0 in losers .Then beats ari in final 4-1, 4-1.

Well this is more and likely the last tournament ima volunteer to run. it’s a lot of work and stress inducing for something i wanted to have fun with.Even tho my tournaments are dead the bi weeklies still aren’t. Ari and Eric has expressed interest in running them,So we’ll see what happens from there. But a BIIIGGG special thanks to the following: Darmonde,Odlandor,Player unknown,Elven Shadow,Floe,Madbooface,DEFLY,and anyone else who helped me run the tournaments.

Good Job to Tony Defly for winning this. I thought you were gonna use Chun-Li? You do got a good Necro vs Ken matchup. For some reason i like reload better then 3s now :). O yeah congrats on Eric for his spot. He worked for it and got it. Cya guys in the coming days.