Fightstick Static/Grounding Issues

When I play SF, I usually do so with a blanket over my hands to mask the noise from the stick so as not to wake up my little one. Problem is, this creates some static that i can even feel through my headset.

Sometimes, just putting the blanket over my fightstick (TE round 2) will cause it to disconnect. Or sometimes it will be fine until I plug in my headset, then show as disconnected.

This only happens when using a blanket to mask the noise. It has never disconnected, not even once, when playing without a blanket on top.

Has anyone found a solution for grounding these things?

There’s no electrical connection between the metal on the top or bottom plate, and the outgoing USB cord. If I were to try and ground the plates, what I’d probably do as make two short (12"?) wires with one of these on the end:

Solder the free end to the main TE PCB on any of the ground points (you could likely get away by jamming it into one of the ground QDs for the buttons, but damn sure you know which one is actually ground.) For the top panel, undo one of the screws holding the JLF to the top metal plate, slip the ring over the screw and put it back. Ditto for the bottom plate and one of those feet bolts.

ok. I soldered to the ground on the LS32, took that to a joystick mounting screw, and took that to the bottom plate. Am i ok to plug this in?

So to recap: Joystick ground to joystick mounting screw (top plate) **to **bottom feet hardware (bottom plate)

Yup. The idea is to get them connected to the shielding ground on the USB cable. If its a stock TE, then the shield ground on the USB cable is connected to ground on the board which is connected to the joystick ground. If its not mod, you can verify if its going where we want by using a multimeter to check continuity between metal plate and the metal shroud on the end that plugs into the console.

Great, thanks for the help.

Just wanted to say thanks to both of you guys for this post. My kiddo and I were playing last night on my cab. He reached over and shocked the shit out of my hand which killed a MadCatz 360 PCB. I wired up both sides like mdsfx described with the little yellow homies that Toodles posted.