Fightstick Pro £53.20 delivered (UK)

Didn’t know where to put this but seems a good deal,

If I hadn’t just got a VS I’d get one

Make sure people when you do get your fightstick Pro to use the code at checkout for your 62% off

**MCZSTUN02 **

is it possible to gut the internals and install them in a VSHG along with a TE KITTY?

how difficult of a task would it be?

Why would you choose to do that when you could just use a PS360+?

If you wanted to do it your suggested way you would need to hack the home panel pcb, find a way to securely mount the two motherboards, and find a decent place for whatever jack you wanted to use. Tricky, not impossible… but why would you pay £53 just for a TE-S pcb?

yo G whats happening top lad? hows things?

tell me abut the ps360+

the thig is i was playing hd remix online with the vshg and the pcb has got those input errors with multiple presses and it was pissing me off, so i had a crappytekken 3 knock off laying around, so i ripped pcb out of that and tried to solder it to the vshg, but i fked it all up now my vshg is not working, i need to keep the 4 top buttons on the vshg, yhey got the ps and select buttons, and its got a little cb aswell, could you wac in ps360+ on that? what would be rough price parts and labour?

by the way i couldnt use the wireless ones you done because ive sold the panels off them and im i havent had time to paint my custom blklightning ones

regarding the sfxt stick, i would have wacked in a ps1 pcb and put it on ebay for £50, reason for the idea was it would e solderless, well actually no, i would need to hack the turbo/home panel

ive been practicing soldering lately, ive fucked up 5 ps1 pads, and done 1 decent success, but the analogue buttons got a life of its own