Fightstick moving on desk to easily? help!

My fightstick TE gets moved around my desk to easily. Its not alot, but it will start moving diagonally as I play SF4 when I do my moves. I think this may throw off my moves because forward may be up forward for example or close to it after it has moved.

Anyone have this problem? Are there any tips on making the stick more secure on the desk so it doesn’t move?

put a weight on it. chuckle. no seriously, if your muscling it around the thing that might end up breaking is your joystick mount first >_> if anything put some blocks around it for support.

play with it on your lap.

or you can tape it down on your desk with double sided tape or regular taped rolled into a loop tp be “double sided” tape

home Depot has rubber feet you can screw in, glue or double sided tape for the bottom of the stick. Prob will help out from moving. Or find a thin rubber matt to place the stick on, which could help out.

Plenty of types of rubber feet you can find at hardware stores that can stop the movement. My stick i have on my desk for Mame games had the same problem. It came with hard rubber feet that just moved easily. So i got more of a tire type rubber feet for it and stays in one place now.

Get some rubber strips and put them on the underside, should help it from sliding around.

Try using a grip liner as a mat for the stick.

Bolt it down, rubber feet, and suction cups.