Fightstick HALP!

Hello. I am new to both SF and the fightstick (haven’t even used a normal control pad since owning a NES 20 years ago). My LP hovers around 0… At least I have nowhere to go but up :slight_smile:

I’ve spent quite a few hours in the practice dojo, but I don’t think I’m getting anywhere. I still can’t pull off Karin’s 2nd-10th challenge trial either. I know my problem is that I’m simply inept with the stick. I whiff a good 50+% of simple things like kanzuki-ryu, and I’m nowhere close to doing a BnB.

I want to increase my comfort with the stick, but I’d like to do so on another game before putting more practice into SFV. Right now my practice simply doesn’t feel at all productive

Can anyone suggest a fun non-fighting game where I can just get accustomed to 8 directions and 6 buttons? Doesn’t matter if it’s some ancient MAME thing.

I know this might not be the most efficient way to get better at SFV, but I’d like to have some fun and not burn out before ever reaching Bronze.

no. just play street fighter. When you get frustrated, shut off the game and watch a movie. while watchinh a movie do 100 qua.rter circle motions to the right but do them slowly. then do 100 to the left. Slowly. then do 100 DPs(Forward, Down, Down/forward) to the right slowly, then do 100 to the left. repete these steps until movie is over. Turn game back onand go into training room and pic a special move and try to do it ten times facing each way with out failing. if you fail start over. Spend ten minutes at this. After 10 minutes get up and piss. Sit back down and play a 5 online matches and don’t try to win, just try to land that special move as often as you can. Go back to training mode, pick a new move and repete steps…don’t forget to piss

Well…if you want to get better at SFV you’ll need to play SFV :smiley: getting used to an arcade stick takes time so take your time, eventually it’ll feel great to use. When I was starting out, I played just about anything I saw and that has made me an all round player more or less since fighting game fundamentals transfer from game to game along with the specific mentalities. If you want to do that, go find something on Fightcade that interests you, and bring a friend along so you can beat each other’s asses! For the stick, how do you hold the stick and are you comfortable with the way you hold it?

Same here man , i never played fighters before and i started now with SFV , and i also bought myself a Hori fightstick mini , the thing is a little to small for my taste so i will be switching to a Venom Arcade stick next week.
But i don’t know what the hell i’m doing .;… i picked out 2 characters to learn : Chun Li & Ryu
But we’ll get there :peace:

There is no easier game 2 learn fightstick than SFV

Yeah dude just keep playing sf5. I got my first fight stick when I first bought sf5 on day 1 and I’ve gotten much better with it since then. That was like what, 5 months ago. This morning I woke up and started playing and I could combo into super going from left to right. I couldn’t before. As time goes on stuff just starts to click and work for you. Don’t give up.