Fightstick drivers no longer on madcatz website

I tried to download the drivers from the official website but it no longer seems to be available. I was wondering if anyone could send me the Te2+ Windows 10 64 bit drivers for the ryu fightstick.

Or if anyone knows a site other than Madcatz where I can get the driver, that would be greatly appreciated as well!


I’ve made a collection of drivers for both TE2, TE2+ and TES for windows 8 and 10, got both x86 and x64.




Thank you so much!!

good shit pollt, some scumbag was selling them when their site went down iirc.

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do you have driver for win 7, madcatz fighstick pro ps3 verion var I do not work at sfv, I wanted to specify my game is not original

welp these drivers didn’t work for me and I ended up getting a new one from these suggestions

I have been noticing that my Skype Mic Not Working at all just after the drivers I updated recently I cannot understand what is the reason behind this problem.

I cant even tell you. There alot there to assume

Have you tried to use to get them? This is how I get drivers from dead companies…

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