Fightstick Button Panel angled?

So I’ve been noticing that when I play my right hand feels awkward with the angle the buttons are arranged. It feels like I would be more comfortable if the buttons were set on a diagonal angle rather that being setup parallel with the case. I don’t have a protractor handy but something along the lines of a 45 degree angle just to follow the natural position of my wrist. Anyone know what I’m getting at? Has anyone made something like this before?

If anyone does know, how hard would it be for me to get this kind of a setup on a TE? Just simply getting a custom made panel?

You can probably get a replacement plexi panel from Arthong:

And from the sound of it, the Tekken 5 (or HRAP1) layout would work best for you:

Thanks, that Teken one is close, but I think I may even prefer it a little more angled. I’m going to see if I can somehow rig something with cardboard for testing over the next week.

try getting a few USPS flat rate shipping boxs. They are free and about the right size.

Thanks, that a really good suggestion.

If anyone else has this kind of setup, I would like to see some pictures if possible. I can’t be the only who feels this way about the positioning.