Fightstick booru (gallery) New place to post and download stick designs!

Hey guys,

Just letting you know that I’ve set up a wiki-like image gallery for posting of fightstick designs, templates, and other helpful resources/art. A lot of people ask for a template of a specific character when several are already strewn about the 500+ pages in the thread. It’s also impossible to search sometimes because many character names are <= 3 letters, which search doesn’t support.

Head over to SRKsticks: the fightstick repository! to check it out! If you’re interested in getting involved, feel free to post your own images or help us out as we sift through the template thread to post things.

Check out a few of the ones I’ve posted to get a feel for the ‘standard’ of posting with regards to tagging, preview picture, resource linking, etc. I volunteer to take pages 1-50 of the template thread and will add them daily. The more people we get helping with this and being active, the better! Feel free to post images of your own fightsticks, but please tag them as “notemplate” or something similar. I’m not expecting people to download PSDs and generate preview thumbnails; just make a simple text-only image in paint or something if you’re lazy like me.

Any effort is appreciated because even a lame/sparse gallery is better than we have now which is nothing.

Okay, then… I claim 51-100, who’s got the next ?

Time for the obligatory dark *booru theme!

I’ll take the next 50 in line then, pages 101-150. I can’t get started on it until Monday night, but I should have a good chunk of it done soon.

Damn right it is.

Thanks for volunteering guys :slight_smile:

Don’t feel obligated to take 50 pages, either. If you can only contribute 10 whatever, it is appreciated.

Haha, its only 50 pages, most of the time its half worked templates, those might need to be ignored until more developed, but do your best and no one can complain.

Hokagesama is right, dont bite off too much =)

Bump, lets get some more people in on this. I’ve only covered 5 pages of the thread and I’ve already more than tripled the number of images.
Just realized I did pages 151-155 last night instead of 101-150. I guess I’ll just claim that 50, 151-200. 101-150 are open for anyone who wants them, just call out 10 pages at a time or something. Post in saying “taking pages xx-xx”, 5 pages, 10 pages, whatever you’d like to contribute. Just took me 20 minutes to do 5 of the pages, I figure I can cut that down in half next time I sit down to it.

This is a great idea! Thank you! I cant stand when i go to the template thread asking for reference to a certain theme only to get snapped at by the nazi’s “Use the search button newb” “search through the thread newb”.

Just letting everyone know we’ve hit the thirty mark in posted templates! Keep coming to the site and helping out if you have time. Every post helps!

I’ll try to post my stuff over the weekend.

Only because I put 26 of them up, come on, we need some more posters here! I’ll get 156-175 up before the weekend is out

Work was nasty this week and soccer season started up. I’ll get mine in!

Added a random bunch of stuff I’ve done, including the Versus City template. With download links.

Thanks d3v! Just made it through pages 10-50 in about 20 minutes, now posting what I found.

A bit of a reminder. If the stick features art from a known artist, please be sure to tag the artist.

Also remember to tag what kind of stick the art is for (tournament_edition, standard_edition, HRAP3, etc.)

Posted a link to the site at Dustloop’s BB Stick Art Thread. Here’s hoping we can get some BB/GG love.

Thanks for the plug d3v! We’ve hit the 80 mark, thanks to Kitsunian for the recent posts. I’m going to try to get us over the 100 hump in a bit.

Thought I was going to hit page 175, but life got in the way, I stalled out at 160. I’ll hit a few more pages tomorrow.

uploading pages 200-210 Sorry if it aint much :confused:
(YAY FOR 125+!!! Mark woot)

Thanks again guys for all the help and promotion. It’s nice to see this starting to take off. We’re not just limiting this to SRK people, as you’ve seen; post it everywhere!

Also, one thing: please label/tag the sticks for what model they are if you can find out.

edit threw up a post over @ Meltybread.

w00t 1000 visitors! So okay we were at 998 when I went to make a post and I may have refreshed to bump it up a bit… :-p