Fightpad replacement Dpad?


I recently picked up SSF4AE after months off, and the Dpad is breaking down on my Fightpad… again. (It’s the regular original SF4/SSf4 version)
Would anyone happen to have replacement Dpads that they don’t need? I’d like to have around ten so that I don’t have this problem again.

Also, I think I read somewhere that they started making a stiffer Dpad rubber… is this true?


I might be able to help out with that if they rubber dpad from the Street Fighter x Tekken fightpad is the same size.

Hey, thanks. However, I think the SD Fightpads are smaller, so the Dpads aren’t interchangeable. :confused:

Also, on a similar note, does anyone know how hard it would be to replace a shoulder button? Mine has stopped working. (Madcatz quality sucks…)

It depends. What exactly is broken? The micro tactile switch itself, or the physical-plastic-button-part?

To clarify, it’s the switch itself; it doesn’t click anymore. I’m thinking that I would have to solder it, but I just wanted to know if there is anything else involved.

That’s easy if soldering is fine with you: open pad, desolder the old tact switch, resolder in a new one, reassemble, and voilà!

Okay great, thanks.

Now, back to the replacement Dpad rubber. Can anyone spare a few? I’ll pay for shipping, of course.

I was able to compare the dpad rubber from the original fightpad and the smaller sfxt fightpad. They are the same size.

Great news :slight_smile: I’ll PM you now.

Don’t mean to hijack but: I have a fightpad SD and I’m lil worried it might break soon. What part of them stops working first usually and how much of a pain is it to fix/prevent?

The rubber membranes, but that’s the same issue for all pads. Super easy to replace if you can source the replacement rubber membrane.

Can someone help me? I also need a replacement rubber membrane for my madcatz fight pad.

I doubt it. Hopefully someone don’t toss their rubber membranes from taking part pads for dual-mods.


Still looking for the rubber contacts…

Not the place for trades dude.

Yeah, I created a thread in the bst section when I bumped this thread.

But since this thread did have tech questions in it…
And modders probably visit the tech section more often than the bst section…
And my request is for parts for a discontinued gamepad, so more exposure = higher chance of getting the parts…

…I reasoned that it wouldn’t hurt to bump a thread that already existed regarding the same subject matter.

Okay, that great. You got your Tech Answer two years ago.

Still, if you are looking to buy something you need to take that request to the trading post and not here.
You had the chance to PM some members of the community who may or may not have the space parts you are looking for.
Just because you created a thread don’t give you the right to dictate what rules apply and what do not.

Trust me most modders here at Tech Talk are not want to deal with you now just because of your brazen attitude.

@d3v Whats your ruling here.

Keep this in the Trading Outlet pls.

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