Fightpad brands, or half decent stick?


I’m new to fighting games but getting really into it. I tried to purchase a SSF4 Fightpad but with no luck here in the UK, atleast not without paying a rediculous price. I have tried a Arcade Stick however I feel I prefer the D-Pad in general. Are there any other brands of Fightpad, specifically for 360 that I can get hold of? It seems that madcatz has a hold on the market. Also if not suggestions on a decent priced Arcade Stick in UK.


Razor makes a gaming pad but its not six button like the fightpad… it had good reviews… the pdp fightpad is also around but availability in UK I would not know…

Aha, the razer one is really just a good looking 360 controller although I would say that the d-pad does look a hell of a lot nicer than a standard 360 controller. And it dosen’t look like I will be able to source let alone obtain the PDP one even though it looks perfect for what I want. Thanks for the advice though :slight_smile: