Fighting sticks

yesterday someone started a thread about the best marvel stick and it turned into a pissing match then got closed. Please dont turn this into that. What I want to discuss here is what moves or what characters in what games make a particular stick the best choice. I mostly play 3s so my knowledge on this is limited but I have noticed that any square gate seems to be best suited to sf2. Like hitting the diagonal an a shoryuken or the back and forth motion of chuns super, but isn’t so good for 360’s. However on 3s the square doesnt seem to be so crucial on the shoryuken, and its a pain in the ass to do double qcf. This is here a round gate seems to dominate. But it is harder to be sure of downback and you get smacked in the face when you think your blocking low. Also it seems harder to not hit up or a diagonal when doing a hold back- foreward-back- foreward on the round gate. So this brings you to an octagon. These seem logically to be the best compromise however the sanwa octagon increases the throw so much its not worth it and the seimitsu octagon seems great but I havnt spent enough time on it to point out a specific advantage or disadvantage. I know this subject has been beat to death and its mostly a matter of taste, but I wanted to discuss some specific moves or techilniques that each stick is great at or sucks at. Feel free to voice your experiences.

trust me, you learn very quick how to stop hitting the corners on square gates and it all becomes a non-issue (even them 360s) after that

Come on, what dif does it make how OTHER people play?

Just learn to use it yourself, and eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

For for the love of god use this to seperate lines in your walls of text.

wow people are friendly here.

I didnt start this thread for me to pick a stick.

I own 1 of almost every popular stick and I’ve been trying them all.

I read the thread yesterday abou what stick was best for marvel,

And I wanted to expand on the topic since that thread was closed due to crap like this.

Anyone can get used to and play anything on any stick, I was simply trying to spur a

discussion that might help guide people who play a particular game or a particular

character to the best stick to fit their needs. Thanks for the wonderful insight on the


…That’s not what he meant, lol.

haha that shit made me lol.

my guess is not enough.

How much help do you need?
“Hey in order to play ken, you have to make sure you hold the stick THIS way.”


this topic has been beaten to death. If anything this belongs in the noobie thread.

To play with Ken you will need to get Barbie first.

It is all personal.
An advantage to one can be a disadvantage to another.
I pick another input device when I feel like it.

Warning the next part is not scientifically proven.
Warning the next part exceeds in ridiculousness.

Do you want numbers?
Executing a movement fifty times:

classic Raging Storm
down back, forward, down forward, down, down back, down forward, action button

MyoungShin Fanta
thirty-five out of fifty, success rate seventy percent
Having no restrictor it makes me get lost somehow,
even though I like it very much.

Seimitsu LS-33
fourty-eight of fifty, success rate ninety-six percent
It is so light my hand can dance with it.

fifty out of fifty, success rate one-hundred percent
It must be the buttons, they are small.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK
fourty-six of fifty, success rate ninety-two percent
Having corners must help since the success rate went up.
The JLF-CD shaft cover set must make it too heavy for me.
And those pieces waggle so much I can not concentrate,
I must be overly sensitive.
(Off course not but do you want answers like these miss or mister cwrenlmi @

I predict 5 more joke threads a day in the sf4 section after this one gets closed…

…my little whoodies.

I mean, HAPP RULES! :slight_smile:

I love these.

takahashi that’s exactly what I was looking for. Look I dont get where the hostility comes from, I saw the what’s the best stick for marvel thread and I liked the concept the kid was going for.

Then it got closed so I reopened the descussion here that’s it. This probably should be in the noob section but I do think its a valid discussion. If you read my wall of text in there it says joystic choice is preference an has been beaten to death, but as you pointed out that particular move is easier with corners so there is data that is relavent. In not pissed I just noticed how most people here are waaay too fucking leet to have a thread they dont aproove of go unfucked. Aparemtly I was wrong to reask or reopen a discussion I’m truly sorry.

wtf are u talking about.