Fighting pad questions

So im thinking of trying a pad out since i found a ps2 ryu 15 anniversy pad. Is this pad worth getting? It will mainly be for older fighters for the ps2 and maybe the new ones on ps3 if I get a converter

I have those. They are ok, and better than stock Dualshocks and 360 pads for fighters. They felt like a chubby Saturn pad. If it’s cheap, then go for it.

I agree with trav54.

I don’t think that version is as comfy as a saturn 6 button or even the current ps3/xbox360 mad catz ones. The buttons sit very low, made it seem weird to me. Also, the D-pad is mushy to me.

I like pads, but the lack of accuracy from that and the mad catz one led me to getting a stick.
If I had access to something as awesome as the old genesis 6 button or saturn 6 button, I’d remain with a pad! heheh!

The Street Fighter II 15 Anniversary fight pads by Nubytech. Official Street Fighter Controllers (I just posted that so I can be sure were on the same track here)

I never care for the Nuby Street Fighter Pad personally, when they first came out I did not like how they felt or the hologram in the center.
I went with the Dark Stalkers Edition PS2 Saturn pad instead, almost like the original Saturn pads, only difference are the start and select buttons are of a PlayStation controller and not a original Saturn controller (Saturn had no select button).

Oh I personally like the Saturn pads better than the Nuby or Mad Catz Street Fighter pads (I prefer the Mad Catz over Nuby), but that a matter of personal taste and options not fact. I was working on a Sega Saturn to Xbox 360/PS3 adapter but I took a break from that project for now, but that is a different topic.