Fighting games with the better netcode

What are the fighting games with the better netcode? Since I live in Venezuela, where the Internet is pretty crap and there’s no competitive scene where I live (Maracaibo), I’ll like to know the fighting games with the better netcode. Also, I’m new, sorry if I posted this is in the wrong categorie.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also want an active community and that I play on PS3.

BlazBlue has pretty good netcode. KoFXIII Steam Edition is supposed to have good netcode too, though I haven’t played it so I can’t be sure.

Anything on GGPO except 3S.

Try searching or looking on page two. There is tons of info on this out there.

Skullgirls. It uses ggpo, as close to offline as you are gonna get.

Maracaibo? Y eso man? No estas registrado en el grupo de facebook Street fighter Warriors? Saludos desde Valencia, conozco como 5 players MUY BUENOS de donde tu vives en 3S y SF4.

King of fighters XIII console version best netcode ever.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Anything that uses GGPO or some other rollback style netcode

Ok, so the games with better netcode are the ones that use GPPO and ArcSys games, thanks!

Ya me registré, ¡gracias por la info!

Except 3SOE ironically enough.

ki is a big pile of crap

So why does everybody in the 3S forum swear that GGPO 3s is better than 3SO?

they’re both awful, so it doesn’t really matter. also it’s not everyone who says that, just the GGPO players. one’s not better than the other, they’re just different kinds of bad.

There’s no such thing as an arcade perfect online port/emulation of 3S.

Both run at different speeds (faster) than CPS3, GGPO/FBA emulated version being the worse offender. It’s telling when someone who can get his hitconfirms down on arcade misses them on GGPO.