Fighting games on virtual console

Anyone use them?
i know they got:
fatal fury,
street fighter 2 etc.,
and world heroes :woot:.
but are they good on there or what?
because im thinking of getting them.

All fighting games are total shit on VC.

The SamSho games on there are perfect Neo ports.

alright which sf2 game should i get?
and i forgot about ss. they got 2 right?

Get whatever Street Fighter you like the best.

For SamSho get SamShoII, it’s just a much better game all around and Ukyo isn’t as broken as people like to say he is.

I wouldn’t recommend any SF2, just because they are all variations of the SNES. If that doesn’t bother you, though, pick whichever.

which ever is the one with supers.

Stick to the Neo Geo ports.

Street Fighter 2: Supers


That’s right, because Cham Cham is the CE Guile to Ukyo’s CE Dictator.

Still waiting for goddamn Mace: The Dark Age.

MKT 64. lol And you thought the PSX version was broken! HA! FOOLED YOU!!!