Fighting Games in Switzerland

Hi guys.

There is an active and quite well connected Smash community in Switzerland - but I fear that players of other games as Tekken, Street Fighter or other titles as Injustice, MK or KI are not that connected. I know, Switzerland is small and FGs are not that widespread as other gaming genres. But if you are a Swiss player you may want to join that Discord server here.

If you do not feel that discord-ish, feel free to leave a post in this thread here or drop me a PM.

I used to play USFIV, am interested in MKX, IJ2 and KI - though I am not really a good player in those three games. But that could change I guess. :wink:
And if you live around Bern please let me know as well.

hey, I’m from Switzerland too (Luzern), and want to get into Samurai Shodown… have you heard of it?