Fighting Games in Croatia

I’m from Zagreb and I play 2D fighting games (old and new), but can also enjoy some Soul Calibur or Gundam EXVS.

Anyway is there anybody here from Croatia so we could maybe play something on GGPO or PS3

Split here. Been trying to get good at Street Fighter 4 for the past few years. I have the game on steam, so PC is pretty much the only platform we could play on, but since you don’t mention SF4 or Steam in your post i guess we’re outta luck. I’m also trying to find some people in the local area to play preferably offline with. So far I’ve only met somewhere around 3 croats on SF4 PC in the past 2-3 years and a few more ppl from the same region but no one from Split. I guess you could say that there are very few people in our region playing fighting games seriously (or trying).

Anyway I’m vodosiosk on steam in case you want to play some USF4.

My gpu burned out a few weeks ago so I’m not playing currently but I have usfiv and most other fighting games on steam. I usually only play training mode and a few offline matches of SSFII every convention I can attend because Bee Bit organise mini tourneys almost every Croatian con.
I play everything I can get people to play. Now my go to game is Guilty Gear Xrd because I have it on ps3. I’ll add you on steam when I get home from uni