Fighting Games in Aberdeen

Hi i Dont Know If Its Just Me But i Cant Really Find Any Tournaments At All In The Aberdeen/Shire Area & Not That Much In Scotland And None Of My Friends Are Really LikeFighting Games

You should try here:

This should be moved to Regional Matchmaking.

Hi, is where you want to start.

tbh we have weeklys in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee as well as a few smaller scenes around the west coast. Aberdeen is a mystery to us why there is no scene. Dundee is the closest and there is a number of events coming up if you dont fancy making the trip for the wednesday weekly’s SCV launch party next saturday, another event not long after that which is a road to hypespotting seedings at stake (out national tourney in march) then we have another dundee tourney for sfxt…

Lots going on in Scotland mate if your intrested in the Dundee scene join the giant attack facebook group or the forum (which isnt as active)

As for Aberdeen weve been talking about going up there to try and encourage a scene but so far our schedule is kinda full

thanks zombiebrian ill look into i hope something picks up in aberdeen cos i feel alone out here XD