Fighting games for X-Box 360?

I’ve been thinking hard on this topic. The PS3 is launching sometime around the Rapture and the 360 might be available now. Have there been any announcements or rumors of 2-D fighters on th 360?

The two 2D fighters which will be coming out on the 360 are.

– Street Fighter 2 Turbo HF via download on Xbox Live Arcade.

– NeoGeo Battle Colisuem.

maximum impact 2 also right?

not that i have any plan of getting it :slight_smile:

Hopefully Capcom will release more fighting games over XBL if they get enough people to purchase SF2HF.

Not actually Maximum Impact 2, but a next-gen MI based on MI2. The graphics are supposed to be redone and much better for the 360 version, according to the producer.

There’s also a next-gen Soul Calibur (that EGM says it’s “Soul Calibur 360”), and Rare hinted at Killer Instinct 3. A new GG character was shown exclusivelly at the Microsoft dashboard so you can expect GGXXSlash at least. There’s the fighting game mode on Rumble Roses XX. Plus DOA 4, of course.

[LEFT]Ahh, sounds much more promising than I had originally thought. :smile:

rare hinted at KI3? give me proof, now! :slight_smile:

I know they have some more games in the works but as far as I was aware they’ve hinted at nothing and fans have rumoured it might be KI3.

I hope you’re right though and i’ve just missed something. my bet is on those games being banjo 360 and conker 360.

Rare’s been hinting KI3 since 2002, and then there was that rumored KI1&2/Gold bundle for xbox. Chances are, if they haven’t even gotten into the concept art stages, then don’t expect to see the game hit shelves for at least five years.

Senkou no Ronde’s getting ported I think.

does doa4 count as a fighter or does that fall under the porn category?

[LEFT]Its in the violent smut category :wink:

Killer Instinct?! Strange… I’m praying for a Red Earth/Warzard sequel. Kenji is The l33test ninja eva. For that reason alone I’m probably getting CFE. Also hoping for KOF XI on the 360

Yea I hope Rare does actually make KI3 if they do I’ll go buy a 360 the minute it’s official. I found this on KI3 but it’s dated while back but it sounds promising.

KI3 is probably going to play like Mortal Kombat Deception or DOA


Im hoping for more SNK fighters like KOF XI or SS Tenka with online play.

It’s actually an upgrade:

please give me 1 link to a page where rare hint’s at KI3. loads of goons have been going around saying that it’s comming out but I haven’t even heard rare mention it. once.

again please proove me wrong 'cos I want to see that shit.

If you think someone’s gonna spend half a hour searching around for you… You’re crazy. It’s in one of the bazillion PDZ interviews.

Hope you have a lot of free time:

And if you don’t want to believe it, hey… who cares.

SNgay Delaymore

ok so 360 is getting KOFMI 1.5 yet ps2 gets MI2? :lame:

is there pics of GGXX/360? :x

fixed! :cool:

It’s been confirmed that the following WILL be on 360 and online this year.

King of Fighters XI
Guilty Gear X2 (XX): Slash
Neo Geo Battle Colisuem
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
Samurai Shodown VI (Tenka)

Basicly a bunch of SNK goodness with a side of Guilty Gear - I’m lovin’ it.

As for X-Box they have a few more games to go then it’s done…

King of Fighters '94 ReBout
King of Fighters: NeoWave

That’s it.

as soon as the 360 runs Mame, I’ll be in heaven…