Fighting games for the DS

Does anyone know if we will ever see a good fighting game for the DS?
Dragon Ball Z looks like crap and I have yet to see light of another fighter for the DS…

GBA has SF2R and KOFR2 and SFA3 (not really SFA3 like, but fun none the less.)

Jump Superstars is amazing.

and… Bleach DS: Souten Ni Kakeru Unmei, a 2D fighter being made by Treasure in the same vein as their (AMAZING) Yuu Yuu Hakusho fighter for the Genesis is coming out Jan. 26. :tup:


In Febuary, Guilty Gear is coming out for the DS, called GG: Dust Strikers and is supposed to be very good.

DBZ is not exactly a balanced, competitive fighter, but it is definitely fun to play with.

If you missed Jump Super Stars, it’s a game that was only released in Japan that uses Manga characters from Shonen Jump (from series like DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, Black Cat, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, etc) and turns them against each other in a Super Smash Bros. meets MvC2 style of gameplay. It is a LOT of fun and has quite a bit of depth in the process of putting together teams of fighters. The game isn’t perfectly balanced, but is not entirely unsuitable for some kind of tournament play.

Another title if you’re into Anime/Manga is the new Bleach fighting game, coming out Jan 26th in Japan (import this and Jump Super Stars from or It’s still a sprite-based 2D fighter, but the word from the gaming magazines in Japan is that the gameplay is really smooth. It also has Ninentendo WiFi capabilities, meaning you can get on and battle people from Japan, or just your friends in the next town over without leaving your house.

A contact of mine at Nintendo has said that he’s heard rumors flying around that a portal version of the Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen games might be coming to DS as well, including WiFi play also. But it’s likely this won’t happen until later in 2006. He’s also hesitantly mentioned the possibility of a Christmas '06 launch of a SSB for the DS, but that series is very hush-hush, so don’t expect much on that if its gonna happen until E3.

and you know… there’s always Marvel Nemesis… lolz… sigh EA butchered my childhood yet again.

Anyways, between Bleach and Guilty Gear there are definitely some good games on their way and if you haven’t picked up Jump Super Stars yet, I highly recommend it.

Plus there’s also every GBA fighter, those are compatible with the DS.

I just looked at the trailer for the Bleach DS game, and it reminds me of Isuka. Sadly, that isn’t a good thing.

Which means that you could play Dual Blades. A fucking awesome GBA fighter, with HORRIBLE graphics.

Yeah, I have checked out GG and the reason I didn’t want to say much about it or even mention it was I have never played GG and in comparison to some of the tournament action I’ve seen in the games for the more high-end systems the DS version looked very slow and pale.

Everyone’s praising Jump Superstars so I’ll check that out, I guess, after having tried getting some better vids of the DS-GG…

I was thinking of getting the GBA SFA3, but I’ve tried it emulated and 4 button input really isn’t my thing when it comes to fighting games :confused:

What would be really great is if SF3:3S was released for the DS, but I doubt it could handle it and since they’re releasing SF-games for the DS they’re probably stuck there for a while, eh?

I also would like the Naruto-game that was released for the GC to be released for the DS. Maybe it’s the game the previous poster wrote the name of, I don’t remember the name but it was pretty fast-paced, was great fun, people could pull off some sick moves (I guess the characters from Naruto helped out a bit as I was into that show at the time I tried it…).

Maybe I should add I have no reservations when it comes to graphics, a crappy looking fun game is just that, a fun game, no graphics will make it more fun :slight_smile:
When I said the DBZ-game looked like crap I meant it looked like it was crap :smiley:

graphics aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things… worry about gameplay instead. If GG looks kinda old and funky, but plays like a million bucks, then only a moron wouldn’t still pick it up.

It’s not that it looked old that bothered me, it’s the fact that it looked very slow and boring :confused:

Hmmm that Jump Superstars game sounds good,can i play this japanese game in my DS?

yeah you can play all japan games on ds

I recently read that the new naruto platformer will have up to 4 on 4 fighting with 30+ playable characters.

^Pics and info please.

It’s not. It’s a damn good game. Made by Arc System Works, creators of GGX. Give it a shot.

That’s great news,i’m gonna buy this game

Yeah Bleach DS basically looks like it will be a revision of Treasure’s old Yu Yu Hakusho for the Genesis which was pretty damn amazing. When I first heard about the game I wasn’t really into Bleach (I only got into to know more about the characters) but still plan on getting it anyways because of how awesome YYH was.

here you go

Goddamn, I love my DS.

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