Fighting Games At E3 2014

Do you guys wonder what games could possibly be at E3 2014?

There hasn’t been any confirmation of one being revealed there yet, but it is 2 months from then so no one can really be too sure.

If we do get to see some there I think it’ll be either of the following based on them being confirmed/hinted to happen

Mortal Kombat 10 (I’m sure we’ll see)
King Of Fighters XIV
Bloody Roar 5
Capcom’s new FG
New Arc Systems FG
Tekken x Street Fighter

And this was confirmed/hinted to happen, but I could see this being revealed at E3

Soul Caliber 6

I’m totally sure MK10 will be revealed there, I do wonder what other games will. Maybe the console version of Guilty Gear Xrd or the new Cacpom FG (which I hope is a remade Capcom Fighting All Stars).

Would like to see Bloody Roar there but Idk if it’ll be shown there, but who knows?

Add to your list, Samurai Shodown VII

I agree that there is a good chance of MK10 being announced and Capcom/Namco will most likely have some new information on Tekken X Street Fighter. Not terribly sure though if KOFXIV will be making an appearance.

I know that this is almost impossible, but I really want a new Fighting Vipers game, seeing as Virtua Fighter has been able to hold on for so long. But I can only dream.

I wouldn’t count on any KoF. SNKP don’t do E3.

When was the last time SNK-P did any E3 event?

Like everyone said, I’m sure we’ll see MK10. As for the Capcom Fighting Game, I hope it’s either Darkstalkers 4, Rival Schools 3, or remade version of Capcom Fighting All Stars

If Bloody Roar 5 was revealed there, I’d be in Heaven

I missed the game and would love to see how it would look like now

MK10 is very possible, as well as something Tekken related.

Primal Rage and Eternal Warriors :slight_smile:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 for the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s inevitable.

Yeah I think Netherrealm has too much MK and Injustice loot to not tease a new MK

Also hope there will be more FGs on the Vita

I honestly think we will see a teaser for MK10 at EVO and a final trailer at E3. Now that I have decided to start playing AE again I’m curious what Capcom’s next gen fighter may be, if they are even making one.

Injustice 2 confirmed 2015, maybe we’ll see a trailer for that and maybe even a demo

Wrong thread.

Injustice 2 and MK 10 has been confirmed

And I wish more info on tekken x street fighter besides the 3d ryu model.

EDIT: Don’t know if Rise of Incarnate will be there but I wish it appears.

I hope Tekken x Street Fighter is shown there. It is still suppose to have a 2014 release (probably for arcade) so they may show a trailer there

I hope this is true, it’s been 4 years now.

Plus TKxSF was confirmed for a 2014/2015 release so we should see some sort of trailer at E3 2014

It would be really cool if they had Karin and Alex in the game since those are the most wanted characters in a new SF game.