Fighting Game that uses random damage?

I know the idea sounds stupid and unappealing but for some reason I think maybe there is something that could positively come out of it. To what exactly I don’t know. Maybe random damage isn’t always so large, like smaller ranges of random damage amounts dealt on each hit. (not going with moves missing even when they hit like RPGs) In a way players have a rough idea of how strong a combo/attack is but it adds some suspense perhaps in the fact that you don’t really know when exactly you’re going to do enough damage to wipe out an opponent in a match. Maybe this is more like a fight in that a person may not always be in top form when fighting. Anyone else’s thoughts on this? Has any game tried this?

super turbo

Super Turbo.

Super Turbo

Tuper Surbo

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Grand Master Challenge.

I dunno, I always keep mashing buttons 'till one of the characters stops moving. Even in racing games.

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The King of Fighters '98

kof before xi

Even though its been mentioned before Super Turbo all the wayyyyyyyy

I learn something new everyday…

Super Turbo randomizes damage on all attacks?