Fighting Game Psychology

I plan on making short videos that address different aspects of Fighting Games., using different Fighting Games. I know most of this board plays the newer games like USF4, but, coming from a player that has played many fighting games, I feel that there are many things in Fighting Games are are transferable to all ( or many ) others fighting games . You may call those fundamentals " a term that may be relative ".

I think people that are new to fighting games do not know what makes it so that some players, like Tokido, Jwong, Ryan Hart etc are capable of picking up almost any fighting game and be at least mediocre decent in a short amount of time, that is because their Fighting game fundamentals, decision making etc, is stronger than that of others. Even though they may not be fully acquainted with the Games specific “system” they can still do alright, or at least not look like they do not know how to play Fighting Games. For example, a player that has never played USF4, but has been playing other SF games ( or any Fighting Game ) in the past and has gotten to a good level, can pick up Ryu on day one, and not look like he does not know what he is doing, even though he knows almost nothing about the game.

This video I posted is some kind of intro to the future videos, it points out “EXAMPLES” of things I, and the opponent have done in a set. These examples stem out of skills that can be applied to all fighting games, like spacing, knowledge of matchup, situation specific things, reaction, defense, guessing, feinting, psychology, awareness etc. ( I created a Timeline under the Description of the video that points out to some of the things I briefly cover ). Everything fighting game players do, there is thought behind it, and the best players are able to quickly weight in the circumstances and make the best choices.

Maybe, if newer players get exposed to higher level decision making and they KNOW why so and so player did this or that ( the not so obvious stuff ), it might jump start their understanding of FG psychology.

(I know that, even when it comes to 90s Fighting Games, SVC falls under one of the most underplayed or disliked, but still, this is not really about the game itself, the video is more about learning Fighting Game fundamental skills… if that is the right term.)

If anyone ends up watching it the posted vid ( or some of it ) please let me know if it actually lives up to its goal.

I think the video and the things you point out are really good. The only thing I would recommend is put a voice over on the video instead of text on the screen. With a video that long it can be a bit hard to sit and watch for something to learn from, but if people have the option to listen to it while they do other things they can start watching when its on a subject they can learn about.

That’s really my only suggestion. I love the concept and I think we could use some more of those things around the FGC so keep it up.

Highly appreciate the suggestion. I have done voice over for similar content in the past on my channel, wanted to experience with something else. I will consider using voice over in the future.

No problem! I actually watched it on the embed here so I didn’t see the time stamps you had that categorized everything. I’ve never actually played SVC so it was interesting getting to watch it and see whats going on. I’ll be looking forward to the next.

Sorry for the bump but I still think this is one of the best videos out there :slight_smile: