Fighting game preferences

I just kind of need to vent or something right now…but.
cvs2*(in 2003 it was released for XBL and i became instantly hooked)* was what got me seriously into fighting games and as time passed I got into more capcom/snk games
Nowadays after playing SF4 and MVC3 I just dont feel like playing anything new anymore.( I’m hoping AE will change that since Im a big fan of Yang.)

ggpo isnt really working for me right now i need to look into it.
I want to play what everyone else is playing but i just rather have some cvs2/3s/vampire savior matches going instead.but it’s rare to get the resources for that.

does anyone else feel like this, sorry if this seems like a emo blog or whatevs but just wanted to vent this out.

Nope, everyone is happy with the new crop of fighting games and no one is nostalgic for the games they grew up on.

Not like it matters, but I prefer not just the look but a 3D game. Besides that I prefer being able to stop mashers with ease of use standing or crouching counter not being too short to miss and not too long to be a complete disaster if you miss. Only able to grab if the other person doesn’t do anything and the grab should be techable not at the same time but given enough time for a person who can respond to being grabbed with standing and crouching grab so people don’t mash out random grabs. A block button over simply pressing back often. I hate anything that requires guessing or mashing. Lots of moves, mostly command attacks. Nothing unavoidable that can’t be countered.To me when input is no longer a problem than the game play can start. When the game has raw game play where anything can go is where it gets most interesting. Never a big fan of combos, it’s just something silly. Preferably moderately fast. If all else fails, then I guess I’ll just get a game simply because I like fighting games that much, or maybe because I like martial arts that much but that gets too expensive for now. Hype and eye candy can only last so long, if Gears 3 comes out and is good, I’ll probably just stick with that for awhile.

The newbie dojo is for game play questions, not venting.