Fighting Game Comedy

[media=youtube]3EF5h6WJAq4&NR=1[/media] has inspired me to find as many fighting game-based lolz as possible. Whether it be through Youtube or people’s stories of funny moments.

A few I’ve found so far…

HSF2AE AI is a bitch:

Bang Install gone wrong (not an actual Homo-Genius vid):

A video highlighting why nobody plays MKvDC:

King of HOOTAH 98:

I’m not even sure what game this is…

Don’t put your hands in the garbage disposal:

everything is a ripoff of dandy.

(that bang install gone wrong was hilarious)

Found some more!

Ken’s taunt has priority over everything (this is part of a homo-genius style series it seems):

Sean gets owned:

Nuki goes down:

Remy proving why he’s low-tier:

Ken’s taunt having priority was ridiculous.

tried to show some of my scrubbier friends some of these videos. While i was cracking up, they were saying “what makes these so funny?”

Low jab claims the ego of another scrub:

Fighting game Keyboard Cat!:

10 year old beats down the French #1 with a PS2 pad:

Aaaah, Rainbow Edition:

Guilty Gear # Reloaded Comedy

Wow, homo-genius series is actually hilarious.

The real joke here is that he used Iori’s c.D

this is funny [media=youtube]NjwlHeaJNYc&feature=related[/media]


Best match vid in the history of forever.


Oh my lord that cracked me up, that’s so fucking ridiculous lol.



Urien is such a pre-Madonna

This game is gay :expressionless:

Im pretty sure you meant to say, this is the greatest display of technical ability and of yomi mind games the world has ever known.
That this is the highest level of strategy to have ever been conceived, no Sun-Tzu, Deep Blue or Bobby Fischer, John Madden, Albert Einstein and Wayne Gretzky, prep-time Batman, Macguyver, Fedor, Dr. Doom, Superman, Goku, Jack Bauer, Daigo, and a Gameshark could not ever, ever, hope to compete.

Basara pro-play Samurai Shodown V Special
If someone thinks that makes game unbalanced, look in comments for explanations