Fighting Chun Li

I’ve read some FAQs on fighting her, but I still have problems fighting Chun players. They turtle so damn much:annoy: and have pokes that do a lot of damage. how do i overcome that shit?


rush them like mad. Lots of air fireballs and demon flips.

try this doing 1hurricanes kick only when your punches/kicks hit 2 Fireballs will go through and get punished badly also through but you can bait them and recover if theres enough space. 3 Try jumping and keep in mind that u don’t have to attack try to anticipate standing hard punch also parry low punich crounching short and short will be her sa2 if they cancel into it. 4 cross up’s through deamon kick flip kick use over heads forward strong punch st rhoundhouse when close uoh air hurricane when u see a jump oppurtunity punish last hit of sa2 combo rush down :lovin:

Wow, use periods much?

thanks for the info guys.