Fighting/Card game Mix Up City. My first game! Shout outs to UMVC3

Hello there! My name is Keidizzle and I am posting here as The85thGaming, my new gaming company I am starting.

My very first launch title is called:
Mix Up City: Arcade Edition

I have a wiki complete with a simple tutorial here:

Imagine Rock Paper Scissors on Cards but with a twist: Each card is worth different points and you have a special aura that rewards you if you play certain cards at certain times.

-216 different decks to choose from!
-12 unique auras to use!
-Quick, simple yet deep game play!

The cyber form of the game is currently in development, but I do have a print and play version readily available for FREE!!! :smiley:
Just give me your feed back on how it plays. Give it a few goes. Try to see if you can predict what card your opponent will use next!
You’ll be surprised at how this game will make you feel like you are in each others mind!


Note: The art on the print and play cards are not final art. They are all place holders (and also are some of my favorite characters from various fighters. I play N-Groove Cammy, Morrigan, Hibiki in Capcom Vs SNK 2 and figured heh, awesome place holders. Why not.

Anyway! There is bound to be all kinds of questions regarding game play and such once ya’ll get your hands on the game.
So feel free to hit me up here, or on my twitter @The85thGaming or on facebook.
My email is



Mr. Zurkon does not like you…

Ah the FGC :slight_smile: hugs everyone

The reason why I shout out UMVC3 is that this game focuses on mixups and punishes. Having limited cards, you have limited choices, so it’s not long before you both can feel out each others mixups and apply the appropriate punish.

Check out the print and play :slight_smile:

Is your picture of Jean Grey?

Mix Up City has a Phoenix type Aura named Passion :wink: Similar but different

Started up a wikia for the game! Here so far I have put up the mechanics and strategy elements for ya’ll to check out.

There are a number of us who play card games. Gonna have to give us a min to read over this stuff if you want suggestions.

Pertho has never played a card game in his life. Do not trust him.

Are you going to get Koreans to do the art work. That’s all I want to know.

Take your time pertho :smiley: The text you find under the graphics above are for the deeper game play questions that can come up. It also is the outline for the programming.

Angelpalm, it’s all going to be in 8bit. The aura graphics are just place holders from a few months back. So no Koreans for you lol. My sprite guys are from over seas though.

Maybe if I feature enough Korean art work, I’ll be able to get into the new Interview movie lol

But yeah, let me know where you have questions regarding the game play, decks, auras etc.

Once you get a few games in, you’ll see why I’m dedicating this game to the FGC and why they are my roots.

About my roots, I started playing fighting games competitively back in 2001 with soul caliber 2, then in 2002 I played Capcom vs SNK 2 and it became my main game. Played a bit of Marvel 2 on console after that since my arcade didn’t have marvel and then MVC3 came out when I entered the military. Stuck to UMVC3 (mostly just spectating) and it just keeps me up watching the hype.

I respect all fighting games, they all have something to bring to the table in their own unique and quirky ways. Sometimes I’m a bit harder on other non-Capcom type fighters (smash bros, KI, Persona, etc…) but I eventually find something awesome in them to like em.

Dive Kick is freaking awesome and I got to test it out at Evo 2012. I was also one of the only Kung Pao players and took third in the tournament.

I just love the craft of games and really want to take the hype of fighters and put them into card form.

As for updates toward the PC/iOS/Android game, I have a small staff right now:

Chris Burgess is doing the programming:

DDRKirby is doing the music:

Sprite Art work is being done by dogchicken from opengameart and Seizui from deviantart (although chamat has the files)

Kirby should be done with the soundtrack this weekend. Me and chris are in the process of doing the legal work so he can begin work. And me, I’m playing connect the dots with the public :slight_smile:

I did some rework on how to play, let me know what you all think:

A lot shorter, only 8 images. I’m sure you’ll be able to read through it in like maybe 2 - 3 minutes