Fighting against cross-ups

So I get the idea of what a cross up is. My problem is what to do against it. I seem to subconsciously block the other direction when I think my opponent is on one side, but this doesn’t always seem to work. Somehow I always end up getting hit by a light kick and then pay for my mistake with a shoryu in my face.

I also struggle a lot with Claw’s flying barcelona and Blanka’s backstep rolling. Any suggestions? Thanks

block the other way thats really all there is to it you just gotta get use toit

Focus on blocking the attack first and foremost. When you get pressured by your opponent the first thing you you need to do is calm down and focus not getting hurt. If your opponent starts crossing up too much you should be able to learn and counter with an appropriate attack, this could be things such as antiair normals like Dhalsims, counters like Goukens, shoryukens, or escape with teleports or rolls if your char has those.

For claw’s flying barcelona it can be very easily beaten with a combination of things such as jumping up and punching him in the air, FADCing through his attack and punishing him (grabs will beat this), shoryukens, etc. I find that if I don’t know which side he will attack me on, focusing and dashing towards him after he hits is always a safe bet.

If he backstep rolls for gods sake let him do that shit, if he hits he deals a bit of damage, however if you block you get a free combo for huge damage. Risk and reward is hugely in your favor if he does this. Just learn to block it, the only one you should have difficulty blocking is the EX version which he can control.

Light kick is used for ambiguous cross-ups by some characters (in other words, you don’t know what side it’s going to hit). You just have to deal with them. Auto-correct can help with DP characters. Either learn the timing, or do:
:l: :d: :r: :d: :l: :d: :r: + :p:
very quickly on wakeup to improve your odds.

For Claw and Blanka, you can focus their attacks. Blanka’s is really unsafe, so good Blanka players rarely use it. Claw’s is easy to focus (and dash out of if it crosses up), but he can also throw you out of it. So again, it’s just something you have to deal with. It gets easier with experience though.