Fightcade InputMap Replicator


Although Fightcade is great, one thing always bothered me on FBNeo: the fact that I had to configure the controllers to every single game I decided to play. Thinking of that, I have developed an app that replicates input mapping configuration files to all your games. All you gotta do is to configure one of them, and then use the app to replicate the ini (configuration file) to all your roms for the same system.

For example: you have 10 genesis/mega drive roms, and you configure your controllers for Streets of Rage. Without the app, you would have to configure the controller 10 times, once for each game! Even if you use the same configuration for all of them! But using my tool, “Fightcade InputMap Replicator”, you just load the Streets of Rage input map INI file, hit the Replicate button, and you’re done. All your games will be configured just like Streets of Rage.

I’ve just released it, and despite the fact that me and some friends have tested it, you guys let me know if you find any bugs, or anything else you think it would be cool to add.

And here is the download link:



I used to have the same issue. Just plug your controller in a second time. That works faster and better. This is before you launch the game window.

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