Fight Sticks Not Working on 360

So my friend bought a madcatz TE edition stick a week ago, and the joystick suddenly stopped working today. He borrowed my SE stick that I modded with sanwa parts, and it worked for a second, then the joystick stopped working completely.

The buttons themselves work, but the joystick on the TE and the SE aren’t responding at all. He’s starting to wonder if it’s his Xbox going bad. Anybody else had a problem with this? And if so, how did you fix it?

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

So the movements register on the PC game controllers? Plug it into the pc and see if it recognizes the sticks movements, or just take it to your house and check on your xbox to see if it works. If it does… it’s not the sticks.

PC controllers…? I don’t understand. He’s only playing the 360 version. The two fight sticks we have aren’t working for it. meant to say fight stick, joystick might have sounded like the pc version His normal Xbox360 wireless controller is working fine, and he just told me my fight stick is working fine. He’s wondering if possibly it’s the usb port on his 360 going bad…?

Either way, he’s taking his TE back to the store to get another one. Hopefully this’ll fix the problem.

You can plug the sticks into a PC and check if they work, thats what he was trying to tell you.

he means to plug the stick into the PC and check if the joystick (up down left right) is working. there is a window on the pc that will show you all of the buttons and when you press them they light up on the window menu and the joystick moves around when you move it.

control panel> game controllers

then select your controller in the list (you’ll only have 1) and hit properties. press any of your buttons to see if they are responding.

Ah, ok, we’ll check that out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry I should have been more clear.
But yeah, you plug it into the pc, control panel, game controllers, and it should register your button presses and directions with the joystick just like they mentioned.