Fight Stick Finger placement?

So I have never used an Arcade Stick, And now that I ended up with two SE Sticks, I wont go into detail on how I got them ( it involves trading a Used DS though LoL!).

Anyway… I know this is one of those things where your game play is a lot worse until you get used to it.
I did a search on here and didn’t really find anything And you all have been so friendly with my other noob questions I figured I would ask another :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the best “finger placement” on the stick? So far I have been Thumb on the bottom left button, then my four fingers on the top, But I have trouble hitting the two middle keys with my ring/middle finger.

And what is the best Button layout for SF? I just put it on “Fight stick” And I do like where the buttons to EX cancel are, but with that I do not like where the throw buttons are, ( The bottom right 2 buttons )

So if anybody can give me a a cookie cutter setup, or even some game play videos that have people playing and also a camera on fingers would be appreciated. ( Kinda like those through the fire and the flame Guitar Hero videos where the kids fingers are going all fast. ha-ha)

I personally play with the thumb on LK and my Index to ring on LP to HP. I tend to hit MK with my thumb aswell (especially for focus attacks in SF4) HK I sometimes stretch my thumb over and sometimes use my ring finger.

For stick grips:

It really is all about comfort, there is no right or wrong way. If you can hold the stick ands get your movements out without your hand hurting then it’s a good grip. If you can hit any button any time you want, then you’ve got good button placement.

This is how I usually do it:

sf4 finger placement

When I used to play with a stick, I remember having my hand on my buttons as you described and I held my stick in what my friends said was a strange way.
Centre of the palm of my hand kinda on top of the ball (angled a bit for movement obviously), I found it insanely comfortable and it was effective but I watched everyone else and they held theirs totally different.

In other words, it is entirely down to preference on what makes you feel comfortable. I found that my hand on my buttons wandered so I would end up hitting the wrong ones, I sorted it by putting a small flattish bead on the plate where the palm of my hand sat. It wouldn’t move because it would always realize it had to stay at that point.

The only way you will end up hitting everything properly is conditioning your muscle memory to your stick (It can take a while). I only used to use my index, middle and ring fingers (Occasionally my thumb but rare) when playing.

For throws, I’ve seen people use their index finger and just press both with the same finger. Same with FADC, they just use their middle finger and press both with the same finger. Use whatever works for you. Since in MvC2 I use the claw method to do rom infinite, I’ve always used my thumb for throws and FADC. However, for combos, I do use my index finger to press lp.

I use the three fingers on top, thumb on the lk button. I can’t tell you how I throw or focus, because it just seems natural to me so I never think about it.

As for button layout, I keep it the way it is. Except when I toy around with Akuma. Then I shift all of the button commands to the right one. That also changes the way I use my fingers too. It becomes index on lk, middle on lp, ring on mp, and pinky on hp. It’s really weird now that I think about it.

But I also suggest, out of game, just absent mindedly running your fingers over the buttons and seeing what feels right. Then think about what buttons you’re pushing and what commands you’re inputting.

It’s basically what I did, though I’m still very much in the process of learning to play with my SE.

Thanks all for the replies.

SE? Please get some new buttons andreplace the madcatz ones its not that hard to do… as for finger placement, I’d suggest either your index, middle, and ring finger on the bottom three buttons or three fingers at the top and your thumb on the first one at the bottom row… its all personal preference.

Already did. Sanwa buttons and octagon gate.

The way I play depends on the game/character it’s weird like I’ll generally play with index finger on lk and middle finger on lp etc, but sometimes like when I’m grabbing I’ll use my thumb on the lk but then I use my index on mk and middle on mp when doing a focus attack.

And when I play a game like DoA4 I’ll have my thumb on lk (still using sf terms here) permanently. Just do whatever comes naturally to you, the way I do it I didn’t think too much about it, it just worked out that way.

There is a post stickied up at the top that deals with this very issue (and more).

If you are using a stock SE, the default controller layout “controller type A” should be what your looking for. That is, lp, mp, hp, 3xp should be on the top, in that order, and lk, mk, hk, 3xk should be on the bottom. Again, you want it on controller type A, not arcade stick type A.

Unless I’m totally misunderstanding, in which case I apologize.

With the default layout, I personally use index middle and ring on lp, mp and hp, respectively, thumb operates l.k, and I generally use either index or thumb for M.k

Use the 2 finger grip… Think of it as writing… you want good penmanship.:coffee: